Don't Cry for Arthur Andersen - Millions of Americans Lost Their Savings and/or Jobs during AA's Auditing Watch

Note: All of the statements in this Arthur Andersen Website are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact. The obvious purpose of having allegations below, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

First Published on 03/28/02; Last Update: 03/29/02 08:50

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Subject to the foregoing notice that everything in this website is alleged, this website analyzes the damage done to the economy by Arthur Andersen (AA) and its accounting professionals, officers and directors (collectively the "AA Professional Staff"), and concludes that

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  1. Introduction and Author's Background
  2. The Basic Alleged Facts Which I Believe to and Assume Do Exist to Enable Me to Arrive at My Conclusions Below
  3. The Role of Arthur Andersen
  4. Cheating Has Become the Occupation of this Country, along with Non-Enforcement and Relaxation of the Rules Designed to Create a Level Playing Field
  5. Back to Arthur Andersen
  6. Robinson-Patman Act Violations Were Known but Overlooked for 20 Years or More
  7. Arthur Andersen Was There from 1981 to the Present and Never Reported a Single RPA Violation While the Related Theft of Business Was Taking Place
  8. Don't Cry for Arthur Andersen or Its Professional Staff

Introduction and Author's Background

It might be useful to know that I am a former securities attorney, Wall Street lawyer, inventor, antitrust litigator, author, and creator of this family of websites collectively referred to as, and I have an extended business background (having founded, financed and run a business for 18 years, and a law practice since 1968). For the c.v. (resume) of Attorney Carl E. Person, click on Carl Person C.V.

With this background, I see things which no insider has been heard to say. I'm not the only one who sees what is going on, but my clients and I are the only persons I know who are revealing to the public what is taking place. [See list of websites below and their contents.]

Before saying what is happening, I want to set forth some basic alleged facts which I believe are incontrovertible, and are an essential foundation for the discussion to follow these basic facts.

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The Basic Alleged Facts Which I Believe to and Assume Do Exist to Enable Me to Arrive at My Conclusions Below

Discovery of something new does not take place in a vacuum. In fact, there is often nothing new. What is new, in many instances, is something which has existed for a long time but has not been recognized for what it is, because of the absence of necessary facts which would lead one to recognize what it really is.

For 30 plus years I have been working with the Robinson-Patman Act and other federal statutes regulating business, such as the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and the trademark, copyright and patent statutes.

Also, since 1968 I have been in business either as a self-employed lawyer and/or as the owner and C.E.O. of a business.

My lengthy experience in business as well as the regulation of business makes me fairly well qualified to draw conclusions, and I will admit that some of my conclusions below have been drawn in the year 2002, months of February and March.

The alleged facts needed to draw my conclusions are: