46 Reasons to Elect Carl Person as NYS Attorney General

Categorization of the Campaign Issues for Carl Person's NYS Attorney General Campaign

General Rule Guiding Selection of Attorney General's Projects

[Category 03] Business Regulation and Antitrust Enforcement

[Category 14] Minority Issues: Equitable End to Employment of Illegals; Recognition of Rights of Gays

[Category 01] Criminal Justice

[Category 13] Investigation of 9/11 Related Problems

[Category 15] Transparency of Governmental Financial Dealings

[Category 02] Increasing Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities

[Category 04] Assist Towns and Villages in Appointing, Training and Using a Town Attorney General

[Category 05] Job and Business Development

[Category 06] Legalize All Gambling in New York with Anti-Fraud Regulation, Full Disclosure, Reasonable Taxation

[Category 07] Universal Healthcare Coverage within Cooperating Towns and Villages

[Category 08] Relaxation of Sentences Given under Draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws

[Category 11] Tax Policy and Sales-Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements

[Category 09] Using Existing Federal and State Laws to Combat Outsourcing and Globalization

[Category 12] Help Towns and Villages Renounce Right to Condemn Private Property for Non-Governmental Use

[Category 10] End Corporate Subsidies to Major Corporations; Recover for Failures of Prior Agreements