Tax Policy and Sales-Tax Revenue Sharing Agreements

Investigate whether NYS and subdivisions are getting their fair share of federal revenues

Carl E. Person for NY Attorney General 2006 Campaign
325 W. 45th St. - Suite 201
New York NY 10036-3803

As NYS Attorney General, I would appoint one or more investigators, paralegals and attorneys to keep abreast of federal moneys available for New York, what needs to be done to qualify for such moneys, and to make sure that the appropriate officials in New York are meeting application or other deadlines to qualify for the revenues. Too many times we read about the loss of tens of millions of federal dollars because of a simple failure by someone to meet a known deadline.

At the outset, I would want every NYS agency to submit a schedule of projects and deadlines for obtaining federal moneys under any of the countless federal programs.

Also, I would look into any suggested misapplication or diversion of federal funds to see if New York has any rights to funds that can be enforced through regulatory proceedings, court proceedings, or federal oversight bodies. One instance comes to mind: the failure of New York to get its share of 9/11 funds and funds being allocated for "homeland security".