Universal Healthcare Coverage within Cooperating Towns and Villages

Assist cooperating towns and villages in providing healthcare coverage to all their residents

If I am able to encourage towns and villages to appoint a qualified Town Attorney General, the cooperating towns and villages will be able to generate enough revenues through legitimate law-enforcement activities against major corporations to pay for healthcare coverage for under-insured and non-insured residents of the town, with plenty of money left over for other things such as broadband services for all residents and businesses in the community.

I want to note that Maine has already announced that by 2008 it plans to have healthcare coverage for all residents of Maine.

In New York, because of the number of residents (approximately 18,976,457 in 3rd-ranked New York compared to 40th-ranked Maine's 1,274,923 residents) it is not as easy to do. In addition, Maine may well have a higher percentage of residents already receiving healthcare through federal Medicare or Medicaid, thereby requiring far less money per resident to finance.

To pursue this issue further, please read the last chapter (Ch. 30) of my book Saving Main Street and Its Retailers, available for you to read at Chapter 30. [turn into HTML]