Create volunteer program for attorneys, paralegals and investigators to prepare them to work in town and village Offices of the Town Attorney General

The use of volunteers in government has to be done carefully, to ensure that volunteers are not being used to eliminate jobs. In hospitals, volunteers are used to perform various services that the hospital could not afford. Another use of volunteers in business is in apprenticeship programs with a strong element of training involved, so that the volunteer obtains valuable training while the "employer" obtains some hours of useful work for many more hours of training. In this spirit, I suggest that the NYS Attorney General create a volunteer program for attorneys, paralegals and investigators, to enable them to become qualified to work by themselves in the office of a town attorney general. The familiarity with the Office and personnel of the NYS Attorney General would enable the town attorney general, more easily, to obtain answers to questions and guidance when requested. If a volunteer program had a published curriculum, the volunteers going through such program would easily become sought after by any number of the 1,800 towns and villages in New York looking for someone to staff the Town Attorney General Office.