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Ch. 1 - Why Many of Us Should DROP OUT

Major corporations plan for the changing economy, and so should most people in the United States. The few exceptions are those who have no trouble affording their present lifestyles. The changes in the U.S. and worldwide economy are causing a major upheaval in distribution of wealth and opportunity, and what most of us could afford under the old economic order we generally cannot afford today, and steps must be taken by most of us to adjust to the changes which are taking place, and will take place. To fail to do this will cause many Americans to be consigned to the economic scrap heap of our changing society, to live out their days in misery and poverty, not knowing where their next meal or handout is coming from.

The changes are here, as many of us can see. The United States has opened its doors to the products, services and peoples of most countries in the world, who have taken advantage of the U.S. market mercilessly, providing jobs and profits for their citizens, some cheaper goods and services for U.S. citizens and residents, but at a loss of jobs, opportunity, wages and political control for U.S. citizens and residents.

You would think that someone you trust (such as your elected President, Senators, Representatives, state or local legislators, mayor, or the press, the talking heads, or others would alert you to the problem in the way businesses alert people within 2 seconds to a change in interest rates or bond prices, but this is not so. The masses are providing the income, salaries and profits of various groups with very little in return, except to be subject to more and more economic abuse.

The only program for most Americans, whether citizen or non-citizen resident, is one of self help.

This book is for persons who have been downsized or discarded, and are unable to obtain comparable employment and don't know what to do. Also, this book is for parents and prospective college students who are wondering whether the costs of college are going to be money well spent. This book is for professionals who are tired of the rat race and want to race somewhere else, without throwing everything away. Also, persons who are thinking of starting a small business and persons who don't know what to do will obtain valuable ideas from this book. Also, people who find they cannot maintain their customary lifestyle because of economic changes are going to find some interesting information about why this is happening, and what specific things they can do to better their economic position while, at the same time, dropping out.

This is what this book is about. To describe the problems which make it necessary for you to take action to protect yourself; to explain why these problems can only get worse, with no real hope for any solution en masse; and what specific steps an individual or family can take starting today to take as much advantage as possible of the changing events, for the purpose of bettering their economic lifestyle on an absolute, and comparative, basis, and to describe how one or more model communities can be formed to protect the same collectively in a way that existing governmental subdivisions (such as cities, towns and villages) cannot and do not.

The analysis and discussion is far-reaching across many disciplines and fields, including economics, education, communications, data processing, employment, politics, religion, taxation, antitrust, micro-economics, media, political power, elections, the U.S. and State Constitutions, small business, charitable activities, patents, trademarks, copyrights, the Courts, savings, banking, monetary policy, transportation, bureaucracy, and other areas, all of which are tied together in a single interrelated discussion to show you where you can find the best bargains for living in our increasingly complex and costly economic world which is deteriorating steadily through concentration and what we naively call economic globalization. This is an oversimplification, but it will suffice to get started.

To understand what is happening in the U.S. and the world, it is necessary to explore a variety of areas, some of which are probably unknown to you. They are not unknown to the globalists, however, because these areas and others are being used by them to deprive you of your money, jobs, savings, opportunity, business, education and standard of living, among other things, causing a major decline in family values if I can be permitted to use a term which requires some explanation for me to be understood at this point.

Four years ago [in 1993-4], I and millions of others laughed at Vice President Dan Quayle, during his re-election bid, when he spoke up about family values. Yet, the phrase is useful today, even if the present meaning is somewhat or totally dissimilar to Quayle's use of the term. Family values is a key factor in restructuring our economy, for reasons which I will explore. But it is only one of many things which are to be restructured, if you are successful in offsetting and prevailing against the dark economic forces which are causing a loss of the American way of life as we used to know it.

My background is as an attorney, entrepreneur, author, litigator, antitrust and civil rights emphasis, movie producer, writer of software, publisher of a website on internet, securities lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, innovator, inventor (with 2 issued patents) and author of a few short works available at my website entitled:

With the hope that I have whetted your appetite without saying too much, I will now start this book. The message cannot be put in a nutshell, which is one reason why nobody is telling you what you need to know, and why globalization is stealing your savings, jobs, income, opportunities, family values and standard of living.

You cannot learn medicine in a short paragraph, and you cannot learn what is wrong with the nation's economy and what you can do to change your own economy in a few short paragraphs. You have to learn the basic rules, and apply them to your life.

The problems discussed in Chapter 1 are solvable for many of us. The inability to earn enough money to maintain your current standard of living can be solved by changing your standard of living, at least during the time that it takes to recover your earnings capabilities. The lack of spare time for family, recreational, personal development and other non-employment pursuits can be changed as well, by quitting your job and reducing your overhead while you are changing your lifestyle.

The specific things you can do as part of your overall change of lifestyle are discussed in most of the remaining chapters. Also, there is a discussion of the political impact which this program could have if it proves successful to return a fair share of the economy to the middle class. Let us begin.

[end of chapter 3]

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