List of Forthcoming Books of Interest (complied from Publishers Weekly and other industry sources)


Last Update: 2/23/98

List of Forthcoming Books of Interest scheduled for publication during the next few months (as complied from Publishers Weekly and other industry sources):

  1. THE MINISTRY - How Japan's Most Powerful Institution Endangers World Markets, by Peter Hartcher (Harvard Business School, $24.95, 320 p. This book reveals how the Japanese Ministry of Finance (MoF), through crippling self-interest, maintained a protectionist policy to maintain the ruling Liberal Democrat's political base, while permitting lax regulation over the institutions which became the retirement posts for MoF bureaucrats. A look at Pacific Rim politics/economics. What may not be pointed out in the book is how the MoF (regulating for the benefit of Japan instead of the world) is no more than a workable Japanese version of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Congress and Executive Branch combined (which seems to be regulating for the benefit of many countries other than the United States).

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