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Last Update: 2/23/98

Eco-Political Website - Lawmall Websites: Features of Interest is the domain name for a series of related websites, as follows:

  1. Lawmall: for Antitrust and Other Commercial Litigation Lawmall Website

  2. Fedcourt: for Bar Association Committee on the Federal Courts

  3. Smallbiz: for Bar Association Committee for Small Businesses, designed to help small businesses in New York City and elsewhere in the U.S.. Small Business Bar Association Committee Website

  4. RPAMall: for the Robinson-Patman Price-Discrimination Act, an elaborate presentation of statutes, regulations, cases and other materials to help small businesses and their attorneys combat unlawful price and service discrimination by major manufacturers and wholesalers. RPAMall Website

  5. Eco-Political: the website you are currently visiting

  6. Cusack/JFK/Monroe/Giancana: for libel litigation surrounding the Cusack/JFK/Monroe/Giancana Papers, a study in how the media can allegedly destroy persons through alleged "Fraudcast Journalism". Cusack/JFK/Marilyn Monroe/Giancana Litigation Website

  7. Dropping Out: an e-book offering a solution to middle class losses caused by ever-increasing concentration of capital; accessible through links in the within website

  8. ShareMall: Giving away FREE shares in antitrust litigation to create a public interest in the problems of the plaintiffs. ShareMall FREE-Shares Website

  9. Self-Improvement Pamphlets: 6 practical pamphlets oriented to small business and employees of business generally: (i) Fired or Laid Off? Your Legal Rights and Options; (ii) How to Make $1,000,000 as a Whistleblower (under the United States False Claims Act),(iii) Reinventing NYC -- 1,000,000 New Jobs - How You Can Make NYC # 1 Again, (iv) How to Demand More Money and Get It! A How-to-Succeed Manual for Employees of Small Business, (v) How to Develop and Market Your Creativity (a Self-Improvement Manual on Creativity), and (vi) What You Should Know before Starting a New Business in NYC - A Guide to Licensing and 30+ Other Start-Up Hassles.

  10. Losers Magazine: 20 articles having relevance to this Eco-Political Website: List of 20 Losers Magazine articles (with links).

  11. Rambling Gal: Full-length feature film independently produced which has 8 original songs being sung by Grammy winner Shawn Colvin - produced before Ms. Colvin moved to her industry prominence. Of course, it is next to impossible to market an independent feature film in competition with the films produced and/or financed and distributed by the Hollywood studios. Rambling.Gal Feature Film Website

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