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Last Update: 2/23/98

1st Time Visitors-How to Use this Eco-Political Website There are many sources of valuable information which a person needs to understand the changing economy. Nobody has all the answers (including this website) and most of what you read in the newspapers and see and hear on TV, cable and radio is false and/or misleading.

There are some truths or themes emerging, which this website will try to pinpoint and summarize, but these truths and themes are complicated at times and require explanation or development, and you will find references or links to these explanations or developments in this website.

The main sources of information for this website are (i) books, past and forthcoming; (ii) websites; (iii) magazine articles; (iv) the related websites found in www.lawmall.com Lawmall Website - Main Menu for All Related Websites; and (v) YOU, as a user, and potential contributor to the development, of this Eco-Political Website.

The material presented in this website will provide you with the information you need to understand and deal with the problem of increasing concentration of our economy. The change is gradual, with the money and other assets flowing into the hands of the top 3% of the country (or is it world) and out of the hands of the middle class, essentially. If 95% of the wealth of the country flows into Bill Gates' hands, how many haircuts, taxicab rides, legal and medical services, and other purchases will he make from you or me? This flow of wealth from the middle class to the rich is impoverishing the middle class, day by day, with no relief in sight. This website will try to show how this is happening, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Please do your part by (i) subscribing to the FREE Eco-Political Website Newsletter, (ii) contributing to website development, and (iii) getting other individuals to do the same.

You will note that I use the term "individuals" rather than "persons" because the latter term from a legal standpoint includes the entities which provide the means for ever-increasing concentration of the economy: i.e., the multi-national corporations, for lack of a better or more precise term at this moment.

Many thanks!

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