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Last Update: 2/23/98

This is an effort to pull together websites and specific materials of interest to website visitors. I'm not sure where we're headed, but let's start anyway:

Websites of Interest:

  1. 42K Article by Noah Chomsky entitled "The Third World at Home", published in website Z Net (see entry below) during November, 1992 The Third World at Home.

  2. Website Z Net, publisher of Z Net Magazine, "A Community of People Concerned about Social Change" - an avowedly left website with many components to explore, if you have the time. The site offers various networking possibilities. Z Net Intermediate Website

If you are aware of any websites or website-published articles which should be added to the above list, please let me know via telephone (212-307-4444), fax (212-307-0247) or e-mail:

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