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Wanted - Town or Village Wanting to Increase Income and Standard of Living For Its Residents and Small Businesses - At No Cost To It


YOU can make a difference. You can bring to your town or village a higher standard of living for all residents and small businesses. Just bring this opportunity for change to the attention of your mayor, supervisor, manager, council member(s) or other elected leader(s) of your town or village. Here are the 4 major changes I can implement for your town:

FIRST. I will create a tuition-free equivalency college for your area. Books will be free and there will be free remedial courses to bring students up to college level to the extent necessary. The costs of the FREE college will be raised through obtaining life insurance policies on eligible local residents, at no cost to them. This only works when the costs of college are very low anyway, and I have reduced them to under $2/hour (for one student sitting in a classroom for 50-minutes) in contrast to colleges and universities such as NYU which charge about $70/hour or 35 times as much). There are differences which account for this huge, unfortunate disparity in cost, but these differences do not require any difference in educational outcome. The differences do make a difference, however, in making college affordable and accessible. Non-residents will not be allowed to attend, for obvious reasons (which are that money to cover the $2/hour costs can be raised locally for local residents but not for 100 times as many students who could be expected to want admission if admission were open to residents of the state, for example). For upstate New York, I would like to include an optional program of "Bringing Manufacturing and Jobs Back into Your Area".

SECOND. I will make the hiring and firing of employees more efficient, to benefit local small businesses on one hand, and through this efficiency make more and better jobs available to residents of the town. This would be done by creating a non-profit "office temporary employment agency" for your town whose purpose would be to become the employer of record for the employees of all participating small businesses and households in your town or village. This would take the burden and excessive costs of payroll administration off of small businesses and households (who hire any domestic, household workers) through having only a single workmen's compensation insurance policy, a single unemployment insurance policy, a single filing cabinet or set of filing cabinets, a single location, a single payroll administrator (or set of payroll administrators), a single PayChex or similar account, and a single audit from time to time instead of having 1,000 times this amount for the 800 businesses and 200 help-hiring households in your town. As any small businessperson will tell you right away, one of the main difficulties in running a small business is the extraordinarily high costs and trouble associated with putting and keeping one or a small number of employees on the books. The costs and trouble are so prohibitive for many small businesses that they either do without any employees or they take a chance and pay workers off the books. By having a town employer of record (which does no hiring or firing, by the way), there would be an increase in employment in your town by what I estimate to be 20% or more, which is one hell of a way to bring in new jobs to your community.

THIRD. I would set up and manage for your town the Office of the Town Attorney General (the "TAG"). The function of the TAG in your town would be to enforce the rights, at taxpayer expense, of the persons I am now calling and defining as my "Protected Group"). These persons include: citizens and other residents, employees, homeowners, small businesses and small businesspersons, retirees, unemployeds, underemployeds, minorities, and victims of globalization and a bankrupt national political system. The TAG would bring suit mainly against major corporations in violation of law when such violations are adversely impacting any of the protected group, and using the proceeds of settlements and other recovery in such lawsuits as a fund to provide for all residents and taxpayers in the town such benefits as FREE healthcare, FREE broadband service, REDUCED real estate taxes, REDUCED rent, and perhaps FREE or REDUCED dental expenses. Towns have got to change from their present focus on zoning issues to enforcing state and federal laws through a TAG. The TAG needs to have the legal ability of enforcing antitrust, civil rights, securities, banking, insurance, investment-banking, communications, commercial and other laws which are being violated with near impugnity by major corporations.

Town lawyers familiar with zoning problems are not equipped to do battle with the major law firms located in the nation's cities and must hire a single lawyer (at the outset) who will enforce for the town and the Protected Group the laws which in the past had been enforced by the Justice Department, EEOC, FTC, SEC, FCC, Education Dept., other federal agencies and their state counterparts. New York's past Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, raised $3 billion in one year through threatening and commencing lawsuits against major financial institutions; and his successor (Andrew Cuomo) has raised more than $1 billion in his first year in office suing colleges and financial institutions. Towns do not receive any of this money and should get into the business of suing for money that is due the town and its residents for various violations of law taking place by major corporations, especially (but not exclusively). A good TAG can probably obtain $5,000 in recovery per family in the town, which would be sufficient to provide needed healthcare coverage, free broadband service, and reduced rent and real estate taxes for the Protected Group.

FOURTH: Each Participating Resident Can Earn $25,000 to $50,000 or More Per Year by Listing Their "TASKS" on My MyClAds Website - and Performing the Wanted Tasks. This is the best part of the 4-part package, stating this as the person who has put together the four elements of the package. It seems clear to me that "employment" as we know it in the U.S. is similar to buggy whips, meaning that "employment" is on the decline. What is going to take its place? We see that there is a steady increase of unemployment, even with the admitted cheating and false statistics being published by the U.S. Department of Labor periodically. Major corporations have found that it is more profitable for them to hire in foreign countries ("outsourcing" or "globalization") and as part of that movement the major corporations are moving jobs to other countries and are cutting back on benefits for the remaining U.S. jobs, and many jobs are being eliminated through data processing. There is a theory that at some point there will be no need for jobs and that a fully automated economy will merely have to decide how to allocate the food and products created through automation, without need of any human labor.

But until this takes place, if at all, I have created a way in which to counteract the loss of "jobs" and "employment" in the U.S. My solution is for everyone interested in making money through their own efforts to offer their services as "tasks" instead of as "jobs wanted" or "employment wanted" opportunities. See my website at My Task-Oriented MyClAds Website ["myclads" means "my classified advertisements"]. I need a town or village to participate and cooperate with me in registering as many residents and small businesses in their town as possible on my website - to list their respective tasks as "key word" type advertisements - so my website can offer (and local residents and small businesses sell) these tasks to person in the town or village, the 50-mile area surrounding the town or village (through myclads' 50-mile radius ZIP Code search capability), and the rest of the U.S. and to the world.

Everyone is invited to put on myclads hundreds or even thousands of FREE ads, and the ads are to last FOREVER, or until the advertiser removes or changes an ad. After I get at least 40% of the eligible persons in a town or village to place their ads on myclads, I plan to advertise the services of the residents to the 25-mile area surrounding the town, as well as to the town itself, through radio, television and cable advertising, which should result in $25,000-$50,000 or more each year for each of the listed residents who perform the advertised tasks. Assuming 250 work days per year, I believe myclads can produce an average of $100 to $200 per work day ($25,000 to $50,000 per year) for residents who make an effort in listing their services (as broadly and as specifically as possible - i.e., by spelling out what you are offering with numerous key word ads and doing this for as many fields of endeavor as practical for you). Of course, the money will be made only if the person offering the services does in fact perform the services in accordance with the opportunities derived from www.myclads.com. MyClads does not take a fee for its services.

For each keyword ad, you will be given the opportunity to insert a URL or link to jump to your own website for additional information. For example, if one of your key word ads is "tutor quantum mechanics", "mow lawns" or "handman work" or "handyperson work", a searcher for someone to tutor quantum mechanics, mow laws or do handyman or handyperson work would also be given a link to your website where you would explain who you are and what you do, including prices if you saw fit. Also, you could use the website to find someone to do tasks for you. Myclads creates a 2-way market for tasks. There are even obvious "task" opportunities of helping advertisers define themselves on myclads with hundreds or thousands of tasks, and for looking for tasks wanted by other advertisers and matching such offered opportunities to persons seeking to perform tasks. For those familiar with key-word search advertising, all you need to do for a single is use the key word(s) that you think someone would use to find someone to perform the service you are advertising.


I require that users of my myclads website allow me to send email to them, which I plan to do by sending a weekly newsletter to them, providing information and insight not provided to them by the main media. For example, here is a question for you to answer: True or false, that a rising economy is good for the average resident of your town. The answer is FALSE. A rising economy is determined by the major media in reference to the stock market, and as the stock market rises, it generally means that major corporations are becoming more profitable, so that the price of their stock rises, but this means that the U.S. is losing more jobs and U.S. residents are earning less and are suffering from a further reduction in their standard of living and economic expectations. Thus, as the rich get richer, they are taking it from someone, AND THAT SOMEONE IS YOU!

I plan to use the list to make periodic requests of the list if they would like to run for political office in their town, village, county or state, and if so would they like to have signed petitions gathered for them at no cost to them. The first such email would identify what offices are available to persons in their ZIP Code, and the next email would be a request for them to sign and return a petition on behalf of the persons in their voting area who want to run for specified offices. This is a way to put candidates such as you and me on the ballot without any significant expense, and to field a full slate of candidates for every elective office in towns, villages, counties and states throughout the U.S.

Would you like to get in on the ground floor of this plan? If so, let's get started by having your community volunteer to receive the free college, Town Attorney General, all-town employer of record, and creation of $25,000 to $50,000 per year income-earning opportunities for residents by offering and selling "tasks".

Call me, Carl Person, at 212-307-4444 to discuss what you can do to get the ball rolling in your town or village.

[end of my appeal for help.]

[start of the original home page for my "election issues" website]

Most of the candidates for mayor or town council in the nation's 40,000 towns, villages and counties fail to offer local residents and small businesses any credible plan for economic improvement. This website offers what towns and villages need to fight the economic forces that are causing a dramatic decline in small business opportunities and profitability, and the standard of living for most human beings in the town or village. It is hoped that someone in each of the nation's towns and villages will adopt these issues when running for local office, but to ensure that the issues can be raised in each community Carl E. Person (the author of this website and developer of the issues) offers himself as candidate for mayor. This will enable the issues to be heard, and if Person is elected will probably result in many of the issues being implemented in the town or villages.

As many voters and other observers realize, the difference between the two main candidates for public office is minimal, and intended to be so, apparently to be able to solicit financial support from the same potential contributors. These contributors, by financing opposing candidates from the two major parties, have been able to force the candidates not presently in office to reduce their issues to meaningless nonsense, which in turn often costs them the election. The voting public sees no difference and doesn't care who wins. The public has come to realize that the candidate from either of the two main parties would, if elected, make very little difference in the lives of the voters, and that elections are held only to determine which party gets to rob the national bank and the voting public for the next few years.

Recently, there has been a slight movement towards meaningful issues, and a perception that a better-informed voting public can be swayed by real issues now, or at least more so than in the past.

The problem is that candidates are not used to having important issues and may not be able to find any good issues because they are surrounded by hangers on from the past who work hard at hiding a candidate's real opinions and intentions, to make the candidate more palatable to all, and as a result really stand for little or nothing.

This website presents a variety of issues that would enable anyone, including novices, minimum age candidates, former prisoners, social outcasts and others, to make a successful run for office in almost any of the nation's 40,000 towns, villages and counties, where it is possible for a candidate to personally meet and talk with a higher percentage of voters than anywhere else in the country. If a candidate does this and does it with meritorious issues, it would seem that the candidate would have a good chance to win the election. Yet, if nobody wants to run for mayor in support of these issues, voters in the town are urged to put my name (Carl E. Person) on the ballot for mayor or equivalent (such as head of the town council).

The issues I present in this website are issues that I have developed over the years, including recent days and months, and I invite anyone to email to me any additional issues that might be added to this website. I have learned from my experience during the past 40+ years that the nation's towns and villages are needed to join together to offset the destructive economic policies of the U.S. government that are devastating to most individuals and small businesses in the United States. These economic policies are stealing from individuals and small businesses, and turning the proceeds of this ultra grand theft to the major corporations throughout the world, whether they are "American" corporations are not. The problem is that the larger a corporation gets, the less "American" it becomes, and that being "American" is not possible if their only goal is to maximize their profits. Sharing any of their wealth with American workers and citizens is no longer required or desirable because the corporations have taken over control of the U.S. government and have converted its concern and direction to providing greater and greater profits for world-class corporations. The nation's towns and villages can and should do something to protect their residents and small businesses, which is what this website is all about.

You may be interested at this point in reading the final chapter (Chapter 30) of my book, Saving Main Street and Its Retailers, which summarizes the problem and my "Town Attorney General" solution. This election issues website is an update to the book, and a further refining the Town Attorney General concept, particularly as to the technique for obtaining appointment of a Town Attorney General in as many of the nation's 40,000 towns, villages and counties as possible. If elected mayor, I would appoint myself as Town Attorney General without direct compensation from the town or village, until a local attorney could be trained to take over the position.

One sure way to implement these website issues is to have me or someone supporting the issues in this website elected mayor or councilperson in many towns and villages, for reasons that are described throughout this website. Read my Chapter 30 at Chapter 30 of Saving Main Street and Its Retailers.

I consider myself loyal, honest, dedicated, well educated in law, and desirous of taking back the United States for the benefit of its residents and small businesses. My references are my existing and former clients. A list of my 140 or so auto-parts clients, located in or distributing to thousands of towns and villages in the United States, can be seen at pages 5-8 of my current complaint against various auto-parts retailers and manufacturers. At pages 5-8 of the Amended Complaint in my second Auto-Parts Lawsuit, you will find the names and addresses of my 140 clients since 1999. Auto-Parts II Amended Complaint.


The country needs people-oriented candidates to run for offices at the lowest levels of government, which is where the government can first be reclaimed for the benefit of the governed. The way this can be done is by having realistic issues, capable of being carried out after election, for the benefit of the voters, to reverse today's trend of taking more and more away from the people for the benefit of major corporations and their leaders and controlling shareholders. The rest of the shareholders may benefit somewhat from their stock ownership, but this is more than taken away from them by their overall declining standard of living, reduction in value of their education in the marketplace, the loss of hourly rates and jobs to overseas employers set up by the nation's major corporations, the financing of major corporations to open up in your area for the purpose of putting local businesses out of business, use your town to finance the major corporation's new business, and cause you a decline in your standard of living.

Valuable, workable, believable election ideas at the lowest level of election, where a candidate can sell his ideas directly to the voter at little or no cost other than the candidate's time - this is how we can take back the country. The election issues above are a good start. The only thing else needed is the candidate to run with the issues.

Have you thought about yourself?

If you have any ideas of your own election ideas you would like to discuss, or want to talk about any of the above issues, please contact me, Carl E. Person, in any of the ways set forth below.

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