Attorney Carl Person Would Like to Meet with Groups of Small Farmers to Discuss Farm Problems and the Possible Robinson-Patman Act Solution

Initial Publication: 9/6/99; Last Update: 9/6/99

As I told you in the earlier article Small Farmers Are Unaware of the Main Source of Their Economic Problems, my name is Carl Person, and I am an antitrust attorney for small businesses, including small-farm owners. My definition of "small" is if the farming business is unable to be profitable because your necessary expenses seem to always exceed the amount at which you can sell your farming output.

I would like to meet with various groups of farmers and their associations to discuss how something probably can be done, even at this late date, for many farmers.

I do not charge for my time in meeting with groups, although I would generally ask that you pay the (economy) air fare for the trip. I will cover the additional expenses.

I can assure you that the discussion will be most interesting and lead to a proposal for group action by individuals which many farmers might like to join.

If interested, please call me (attorney Carl Person, in New York, New York) at 212-307-4444 or send me a fax, to 212-307-0247; e-mail is much slower for me, but I'll give you my e-mail address anyway, which is:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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