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or by calling his cell number, 917-453-9376.

New York, NY – Carl E. Person, a New York attorney, announces that he is running for New York Attorney General as a Green-Party candidate.

“I seek this office,” states Person, “because I understand how it is the second most powerful office in the United States, and that Eliot Spitzer is using only 2% of the power given to him.”

“The power of the office,” according to Person, “comes from a few factors, including that the office is elective; no new statutes are required to do the work; the attorney general requires no agreement with any political bosses to operate; the attorney general renders his own legal opinions; and the attorney general can create its own funding, of billions of dollars each year, through proper performance of the attorney general’s responsibilities to the public.”

Eliot Spitzer, only using 2% of his power, has catapulted himself into the apparent role of next Governor of New York, and apparent candidate for the U.S. Presidency – all through his role as New York Attorney General, the 2nd most powerful office in the country. Person claims that “Spitzer is abandoning an office where he could do a great deal of good for New York residents to run for Governor, an office that historically has accomplished very little for New Yorkers.”

Person’s candidacy to replace the 2% Spitzer has 43 main promises, most of which Person claims he “can achieve without having to get any legislative enactments or Constitutional amendments”. Other candidates running for various elective offices talk about what they would like to do if they can get others to agree, but Person states that his “campaign is run on the basis of what he and his staff, using the powers of the Attorney General, can do for the voters of New York”.

Some of Person’s 43 promises (described in his website) include:

  1. Auditing the prosecutors to stop prosecutorial abuse;
  2. Appointing and training a “town attorney general” for each of New York’s 1,800 towns, villages and counties (to enforce the rights of individuals and small businesses);
  3. Encouraging towns and villages to act as the employer of record for local small businesses (to eliminate hundreds of hours of regulatory compliance for each business and encourage the creation of one million new jobs in New York);
  4. Investigating the cause of destruction of 7 World Trade Center on 9/11 and Eliot Spitzer’s refusal to cooperate with the Congressional investigation of Able Danger’s pre-9/11 terrorist identification activities;
  5. Using the antitrust and other laws to stop or restrain monopolization, outsourcing and globalization (all of which are costing New York millions of jobs and a declining standard of living for most New Yorkers);
  6. Recovering damages from companies that have moved jobs from New York without adequate reason or compensation;
  7. Requiring companies that offer help or troubleshooting lines to staff them adequately and with competent personnel (by commencement of bait-and-switch lawsuits against the major-corporate wrongdoers); and
  8. Encouraging towns and villages, through appointment of a “town attorney general” to provide FREE healthcare, FREE dentalcare, FREE broadband and REDUCED real estate taxes to all of their residents.

Person’s website for his candidacy explains each of his 43 issues in detail, at, to be moved to URL .