Explosive Summary of 1985 20/20 Show about Robert F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Cancelled by ABC, Causing Geraldo Rivera to Quit ABC in Protest - See Complaint for Further Details

During 1985, ABC created a 20-minute segment for its popular 20/20 show, and then cancelled the segment without airing it.

Geraldo Rivera, who helped to save ABC up to that point, Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs joined arms in protest against ABC's actions, and Geraldo Rivera quit ABC in the utmost protest against ABC's actions.

Roone Arledge, then head of ABC Sports (the big money maker for ABC), was responsible for killing of the segment.

Virtually nobody has seen the segment, except the Plaintiffs, and what the Plaintiffs have seen is something which everyone should know about.

Here is a summary of what was to have been aired by ABC, but was not, and never has been, apparently (except for the part with Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK at his Madison Square birthday party shortly before Marilyn Monroe's death/killing (according to your view):

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION, TO BE FILLED IN SHORTLY; HOPEFULLY NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, 12/2/97. Later, we might try to add some frames from the segment.]

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