All Statements in the Website Are Allegations Rather Than Statements of Fact for Obvious Legal Reasons

Readers should be aware, and remember when reading any part of this website, including the meta tags appearing at the top of the main menu page, that all of the statements in this JFK/Monroe Website, URL are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact.

Rather than trying to distinguish between non-disputed facts, such as my name (Carl E. Person) and highly disputed contentions such as whether Robert F. Kennedy was criminally responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe, it is easier and more readable to provide a general disclaimer, instead of trying to parse out what is non-disputed and what is or may be disputed or not a fact.

The obvious purpose of having everything be stated as allegations, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary defamation and other litigation.

Also, who knows what truth is? A nanny jury can find that the nanny is guilty of murdering a child, and the next day the judge can say that the nanny did not commit murder, and overturn the jury verdict. So, what is truth?

It seems that most of the issues concerning the Cusack Papers will be debated by expert witnesses on both sides, with a trier of fact (i.e., jury) having to decide whether the Cusack Papers are authentic or not.

This would suggest to most cautious people not to make assertions (such as forgery or fraud) when experts will be retained on both (or is it all) sides to present generally conflicting opinions on what truth should be determined by vote of the jurors, and which truth can be reversed or modified by the judge, and later modified, affirmed or reversed by the appellate court.

Thus, to focus our litigation efforts on our alleged defamation action against the alleged defendants named in the alleged Complaint, we state that all matters set forth in this website are allegations rather than statements of fact.

This reminds me of the Offering Circular declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission (accessible in the URL part of this overall website), in which I set forth that no statements in the Offering Circular under Regulation A (offering shares in a particular lawsuit) were necessarily true, and that all statements were made as allegations.

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Carl E. Person, Editor/Publisher,