The Cast of Characters, Issues and Events in the JFK/RFK/MM/Hoover/Giancana Saga

Note: All of the statements below are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact. The obvious purpose of having allegations below, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

To be able to follow the story as it evolves, you should become familiar with the following cast of characters, major issues and major events (which will be modified from time to time):

  1. Grand jury investigation #1 (198xx, LA, State Court)
  2. Grand jury investigation #2 (1997, NYC, Federal Court)
  3. Collectible historical documents
  4. Lawrence X. Cusack, Sr. ("Larry"), JFK's secret attorney
  5. Lawrence X. Cusack, III ("Lex"), son of Larry Cusack
  6. President John F. Kennedy
  7. Senator John F. Kennedy
  8. Marilyn Monroe a/k/a Norma Jeane Baker
  9. Gladys Baker, mother of Marilyn Monroe, represented by Larry Cusack
  10. Bernice Miracle, sister of Marilyn Monroe
  11. Joe DiMaggio, former husband of Marilyn Monroe
  12. Joe DiMaggio, Jr., son of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe
  13. Arthur Miller, former husband of Marilyn Monroe
  14. Aaron R. Frosch, Monroe's attorney for 2 years prior to her death, who drew up her will and named himself executor of her estate; and executor of Monroe's estate for 25 years Milton Greene, photographer who shot pictures of Monroe and became her partner in Marilyn Monroe Productions
  15. Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc.,
  16. Janet Des Rosier, secretary to JFK and JPKSr.
  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger, member of Kennedy Family
  18. Maria Shriver, member of Kennedy Family and employee of ABC Television
  19. Roone Arledge, President of ABC
  20. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a/k/a Ted Kennedy
  21. Phyllis McGuire, one of the three McGuire Sisters and girl friend of mafia chieftain Sam Giancana
  22. Ethel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy and currently the de facto head of the Kennedy Family, a position shared with Senator Ted Kennedy
  23. ABC Television
  24. ABC, Inc.
  25. Walt Disney Pictures & Television, Inc., owner of ABC Television and ABC, Inc.
  26. Robert F. Kennedy, brother of JFK and Attorney General while JFK was president
  27. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
  28. Sam Giancana
  29. James P. Hoffa
  30. Robert H. White, world's leading collector of Kennedy memorabilia who is able to read JFK's handwriting
  31. Diane Hamilton, wife of Kennedy handwriting expert
  32. Charles Hamilton, and a Kennedy expert in her own right
  33. IBM Selectric typewriter
  34. Liftoff or lift off process for correcting errors made while typing with a carbon ribbon
  35. Flicking, a misfiring of a Selectric typewriter which leaves no ink, only an impression, and has the appearance of a lift off
  36. Stencil setting on IBM Selectric, gives the appearance of a string of lift off corrections
  37. Broken carbon ribbon, also gives the appearance of a string of lift off corrections
  38. Run out carbon ribbon, also gives the appearance of a string of lift off corrections
  39. IBM prestige pica type, a typeface to be closely examined, used in pre-Selectric IBM typewriters as well as in Selectrics after a certain date
  40. Golf ball fonts or elements, the interchangeable typeface balls used on IBM Selectrics
  41. Typeface library, where up to 80,000 typefaces are stored for use by forensic specialists and others
  42. Automatic typing machine, a machine which can create many continuous pages of typewritten material with no typing errors
  43. Selectric II
  44. Carbon ribbon
  45. Self-correcting typewriter
  46. Backdated documents
  47. Durie Malcolm a/k/a Durie Malcom
  48. 1960 Presidential Elections
  49. Tax problems
  50. Tax fraud
  51. J. Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I.
  52. Federal Bureau of Investigation a/k/a F.B.I.
  53. Cardinal Spellman
  54. Cardinal Cooke
  55. Cardinal O'Connor
  56. Archdiocese of New York
  57. Chancery of the New York Archdiocese, where Lawrence X. Cusack, Sr. had one of his two offices
  58. Robert F. Slatzer, former husband of Marilyn Monroe who appeared in 1985 20/20 story which ABC killed, and is the author of two books on Monroe: The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe - 1974 book, and The Marilyn Files - 1992 book
  59. The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe, 1974 book by Robert Slatzer
  60. The Marilyn Files, 1992 book by Robert Slatzer
  61. Seymour F. Hersh, author of book published by Little Brown & Co. on 11/10/97 entitled The Dark Side of Camelot
  62. Peter Jennings, 20/20 correspondent for the 9/27/97 20/20 story about the plaintiffs and the Cusack Papers
  63. Cal Neva Lodge, a hotel/casino one the California side of the California/Nevada border, where Monroe and RFK used to play
  64. Little Brown & Company, publisher of Hersh's The Dark Side of Camelot; Little Brown is owned by media giant Time, Inc.
  65. Westwood Memorial Cemetery, where Monroe is buried Schaeffer Ambulance Service, or Schaefer, transported Monroe to hospital; brought her back to home after she died en route
  66. Fidel Castro, one of JFK's concerns for which JFK and RFK allegedly used JFK's or JPKSr.'s mafia contacts Cuba and JFK's aborted plans to invade
  67. Inez Melson business manager of Marilyn Monroe
  68. Dr. Marianne Kris, psychiatrist of Marilyn Monroe, named in Monroe's will, who received no money from Monroe's Estate, and brought suits against executor Aaron Frosch as a result, together with Monroe's mother, Gladys Baker, represented by Lawrence X. Cusack, Sr.
  69. Dr. Feelgood, supplier of drugs to the stars
  70. Dr. Max P. Jacobson, Doctor to the Stars
  71. Attorney to the Stars, Aaron Frosch
  72. Evelyn Lincoln, long-time secretary to JFK
  73. Documentary of ABC based on Hersh book and Cusack Papers Jacqueline Kennedy, a/k/a Jacqueline Bouvier and Jacqueline Onassis
  74. Camelot President or Presidency
  75. Cusack Papers, what has given rise to this dispute
  76. Mark Obenhaus, President of Lancer Productions, Inc.
  77. Lancer Productions, Inc., to produce a documentary based on the Hersh book and Cusack Papers; who went to ABC with the documentary after terminated by NBC; and together with ABC has accused the Cusack Papers of being forged or non-authentic
  78. Tina Giancana, daughter of Sam Giancana
  79. Judith Exner a/k/a Judith Campbell Exner, a girl friend of both Sam Giancana and President John F. Kennedy, and a courier between the two
  80. 12305 5th Helena Drive, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, California, Marilyn Monroe's address at her death
  81. Hollywood, the world other than Washington which JFK and RFK sought to conquer
  82. Eunice Murray, Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper
  83. James Hall a/k/a Jim Hall, ambulance driver for Schaeffer
  84. Murray Liebowitz a/k/a Murray Lieb, ambulance driver for Schaeffer
  85. Norman Jeffries, III, son-in-law of Eunice Murray, the housekeeper
  86. Drug overdose
  87. Suicide
  88. Clark Clifford, who looked at Cusack Papers and saw something which nobody knew and pronounced the papers authentic for such reason
  89. Kenneth Rendell, a leading Kennedy handwriting expert
  90. Autographs
  91. Signatures
  92. Handwriting
  93. Thomas Cloud, dealer who sold most of the Cusack Papers to wealth, private collectors as memorabilia
  94. John Reznikoff, autograph dealer who was retained by Cusack to obtain authentications for some of the Cusack Papers, who brought Thomas Cloud into the matter
  95. Jennifer Rush Cloud a/k/a Jennifer Cusack, the wife of
  96. Lawrence X. (Lex) Cusack
  97. Lawrence X. Cusack, III a/k/a Lex Cusack, son of Lawrence X. Cusack, Sr., deceased, who found the Cusack Papers after his father's death in 1985
  98. Pat Newcomb, Marilyn Monroe's press agent
  99. Peter Lawford, part of the rat pack, a friend of Sinatra, a friend of Robert Kennedy, who tried to get RFK to return Monroe's calls (Monroe threatened to give a press conference if RFK did not immediately meet with her); met RFK and Peter Lawford's party, stormed out, and went home, and apparently a fight or struggle ensued in Monroe's home with Peter Lawford and RFK present; RFK and JFK frequently stayed at Peter Lawford's beach house in Santa Monica, California xxxxxx
  100. Mickey Rudin a/k/a Milton Rudin
  101. Jeanne Carmen
  102. Peter Jennings
  103. Smothering
  104. Pillow
  105. Surveillance tapes
  106. Bernard Spindell
  107. Fred Otash
  108. Lynn Franklin
  109. Jack Clements
  110. John Minor
  111. Lionel Grandison
  112. Niagara, one of Monroe's movies
  113. Gentlement Prefer Blondes, one of Monroe's movies
  114. The Misfits, one of Monroe's movies, scripted by husband Arthur Miller, and financed by various members of the Kennedy Family including JFK, RFK, JPKSr., with the prior knowledge and approval of J. Edgar Hoover
  115. The Seven Year Itch, one of Monroe's movies
  116. Bus Stop, one of Monroe's movies
  117. The Prince and the Showgirl, one of Monroe's movies
  118. Let's Make Love, one of Monroe's movies
  119. Twentieth Century Fox, Marilyn Monroe's main Hollywood studio
  120. Conspiracy to destroy the reputation and value of the Cusack Papers and the historical information contained therein
  121. Secret Service
  122. 20/20 Show of ABC about JFK/RFK/Monroe/Giancana, cancelled in 1985 in which Robert Slatzer was interviewed and for which Robert Slatzer was a show consultant; the thrust of the show was to point to RFK as the person who killed Marilyn Monroe or was personally involved in her death and present while she died
  123. 20/20 Show of ABC about JFK/RFK/Monroe/Giancana, cancelled by ABC in September 1997, and suddenly reactivated one month later without the Cusack Papers
  124. Barbara Walter, who was correspondent on the 1985 20/20 Show, and had also protested ABC's killing of the show
  125. Hugh Downs, who was correspondent on the 1985 20/20 Show and had also protested ABC's killing of the show; and later, in 1997, was a correspondent on the 20/20 Show about the Cusack Papers and declaring the papers to be fake
  126. Geraldo Rivera, now with his own popular cable networth show, who quit ABC in protest during 1985 after ABC killed the 20/20 Show about JFK/RFK/Monroe/Giancana
  127. Lee Strassberg, head of the famous Actor's Studio in New York City, to whom Marilyn Monroe bequeathed 75% of her residuary estate
  128. Susan Strassberg, wife of Lee Strassberg
  129. Paula Strassberg, xxx
  130. The Actor's Studio, located in New York City, where Marilyn Monroe and many other famous stage and screen stars received their theatrical training
  131. Hyannis, located on Cape Code, Massachusetts, known for the Kennedy Compound maintained by the Kennedy Family
  132. Kennedy Compound, located in Hyannis, Cape Cod, and home of the Kennedy Family
  133. Forensic experts, persons who appear on either side of an issue and paid by someone to argue his/her point of view; if an issue needs an expert, there are always experts willing to be paid to give their opinion on either side of the issue; forensics as to handwriting and signature analysis and typewriters and typefaces are not scientific and do not rule out all possibilities. During November, 1997 the U.S. Supreme Court suggested that the use of so-called experts in the conducting of lie detector tests were possibly intruding into the area reserved for the jury or other trier of fact in a lawsuit.

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