Gathering of Information about Duayne Dillon, Expert Witness for 60 Minutes

Duayne Dillon was retained as a handwriting expert by 60-Minutes (meaning, CBS) after Dillon was suggested by some unknown person at the FBI, upon inquiry by 60 Minutes.

He has a government position as a handwriting expert somewhere in northern California, and apparently lives in San Francisco, California.

Dillon has no presence, prior to his 60-Minutes involvement starting in November, 1997, in any of the Lexis or Nexis databases and apparently has not been involved in any reported litigation, civil or criminal.

It is heard that he was asked to look at an alleged sample of the handwriting of infamous (and deceased) Jesse James to give his opinion on whether the handwriting sample was that of Jesse James or another type of bandit. We'll try to find out how this matter was resolved.

If anyone has any information at all about Mr. Dillon, please share that information with us, to enable us to put together the facts which are needed to examine Dillon's relationship with CBS/60 Minutes and his findings in the Cusack matter for use in the ABC Lawsuit and perhaps elsewhere.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions, please communicate with the plaintiffs' attorney, Carl E. Person, by telephone (212-307-4444), fax (212-307-0247) or e-mail (

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