Explosive Documents from the Files of JFK's Secret Advisor, Attorney Lawrence X. Cusack

Last Revised 12/30/97

The first document of interest is the 15-page trust agreement dated May 9, 1960 by which the Kennedy Family gave (or promised to give) Marilyn Monroe $600,000 in a trust fund for Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Baker (who during the late 1970's was represented by Lawrence X. Cusack, Sr. in litigation against Marilyn Monroe's executor, Aaron Frosch). Frosch was accused by Cusack and others of looting Marilyn Monroe's estate after her death of about $1,500,000. This 15-page trust agreement has been challenged by the experts retained by ABC and (apparently) 60 Minutes.

The document is of great historical importance because it provides additional motivation for what many persons believe was the murder of Marilyn Monroe, and other documents within the Cusack Papers (particularly the back-dated ZIP-Coded receipts) show that after Marilyn Monroe's death (during August, 1962) and sometime before JFK's death in November, 1963, the Marilyn Monroe (Gladys Baker) Trust Fund was taken back by the Kennedy Family, in spite of the terms of the trust which provided that upon the death of Marilyn Monroe the trust corpus was to go to the person(s) named by Marilyn Monroe's mother (Gladys Baker) upon the mother's death.

The document is interesting, showing on its face that it was created by automatic typing equipment rather than an IBM Selectric; that the document itself appears to have been created by Chemical Bank as a trust form, which was filled in by or for JFK to create the trust, and then signed by JFK and others; and that the paragraph designating Chemical Bank as corporate trustee under the trust was deleted by handwritten lines crossing out the paragraph.

A letter dated April 29, 1960 from Lawrence X. Cusack, II to the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company and three other banks (Hanover, Chase and Irving) requesting a form of trust agreement was sent about one week before the 15-page trust agreement dated May 9, 1960 was executed, on a bank-provided form. The provision naming Chemical Bank New York Trust Company as trustee in the Bank's form was stricken from page 9 of the 15-page trust agreement (in the linked website below, page 9 has been assigned a thumbnail graphics number of 10, so don't be confused).

To see each page of the 5/9/60 15-page trust agreement, the 6/12/62 Manhattan College Commencement Invitation (with the signatures and notes to Larry Cusack from RFK and JFK), 2 pages from the 6/12/62 Commencement Program (with a signature and note to Larry from RFK), a 4/29/60 letter to 4 banks from Larry Cusack requesting each bank's inter vivos form of trust agreement, and a 5/1/62 letter response from The Chase Manhattan Bank referring to an enclosed copy of the bank's trust agreement form, just click on Thumbnail/Full Page Graphics of 15 Page $600,000 Trust Agreement, Documents with Signatures and Notes to Larry Cusack from RFK and JFK and Other Significant Documents. This link was created and made available to us by Document purchaser Jeffrey Jatras. Many thanks!

To see any page in full-page size, just click on the thumbnail graphic, and the graphic will explode to full-page size.

Just a note to avoid confusion: The letter from Chase Manhattan Bank is not the letter by which the Chemical Bank New York Trust Company form was sent to Larry Cusack. It merely shows that the letter requesting bank trust agreement forms sent to 4 banks including Chemical and Chase had been mailed by Cusack.

Also, please note that the top right corner of the 1st page of the 15-page trust agreement is missing (allegedly torn off deliberately by someone who had the document in his or her possession for inspection, testing or otherwise). This missing portion, thankfully, is on xerox copies of the original, and reads: "MASTER TAPES 1 and 2" - indicating an automatic typewriter rather than a Selectric.

Page 9 of the trust agreement shows that form provided by Chemical Bank was used, because 5 lines referring to the Chemical Bank as corporate trustee for the trust were stricken by hand, which also shows that the form was used without retyping by Cusack or his office.

Another document of great interest is a letter to Lawrence X. Cusack ("L") from John F. Kennedy on United States Senate white bond stationery, with the U.S. Senate watermark clearly visible in the original Document. WARNING: 1,169K JFK Letter to Lawrence X. Cusack, III on United States Senate (white bond watermarked) Stationery.

Another Document of great notoriety (one of 7 or 9 such Documents) is a handwritten receipt dated January 9, 1961 by John F. Kennedy on the personal stationery (letterhead) of Lawrence X. Cusack which bears the ZIP Code 10016 even though ZIP Codes only came into use during 1963. This was a backdated receipt to justify non-payment and/or withdrawal of funds in the Kennedy Family trust for Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys BakerWARNING: 201K JFK's 1/9/61 Receipt on Cusack Letterhead Containing 1963 ZIP Code.

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