Help Wanted from Persons Interested in Correcting History

Note: All of the statements below are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact. The obvious purpose of having allegations below, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

If you would like to help out in writing history, you should volunteer to help us in our major litigation battle.

There are many interesting things which need to be done, and we are looking for persons who can help us in doing research, writing, planning, publicity, investigating and communicating with possible witnesses.

To volunteer, please read this website to get an idea of what we are setting out to do, and then send me a fax describing what you think you could do to help us out.

I promise to get back to each volunteer.

Send your fax (no cover sheet necessary) to attorney Carl E. Person, at fax no. 212-307-0247.

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Carl E. Person, Editor/Publisher,