The Litigants and Their Attorneys

Note: All of the statements below are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact. The obvious purpose of having allegations below, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

The Plaintiffs and Their Attorneys

The plaintiffs are:

  1. Lawrence X. Cusack, III
  2. Jennifer Rush Cusack
  3. Geneva Archives, Inc.
  4. Thomas G. Cloud
  5. Cloud & Associates Consulting, Inc.
  6. National Historical Autographs, Inc.

Carl E. Person is the attorney for the plaintiffs in their suit against ABC, Inc., Lancer Productions, Inc., New Yorker magazine, Vanity Fair magazine, and various writers, producers and correspondents. The suit was commenced on November 16, 1997, about 1-1/2 months after ABC's 20/20 story in which 20/20 allegedly defamed plaintiffs and their property by claiming that the Cusack papers were forged.

There is also a grand jury proceeding in the Southern District of New York which is investigating the origin and sale of the Cusack Papers. Carl E. Person is the attorney for the Cusack and Cloud interests in connection with the grand jury proceeding. This grand jury proceeding appears to have been commenced shortly after, and by reason of, the ABC 20/20 story aired September 27, 1997.

The best way to communicate with Carl Person is by fax: 212-307-0247, telephone: 212-307-4444 or mail, to: Carl E. Person, 325 W. 45th Street - Suite 201, New York NY 10036-3803.

John Reznikoff, the dealer retained by Cusack, is represented by Russell M. Gioiella, Esq., litman, Asche & Gioiella, LLP, 45 Broadway Atrium, New York, NY 10006 (telephone 212-809-4500; and fax 212-509-8403) in connection with the grand jury proceeding and other matters relating to the Cusack Papers.

The Defendants and Their Attorneys

The defendants named in the Complaint are:

  1. ABC, Inc.
  2. Walt Disney Pictures & Television
  3. Roone Arledge
  4. Peter Jennings
  5. Lancer Productions, Inc.
  6. Mark Obenhaus
  7. Vanity Fair Magazine
  8. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.
  9. Robert Sam Anson
  10. Seymour M. Hersh
  11. The New Yorker Magazine, Inc.
  12. Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.
  13. David Samuels

The attorneys for the defendants have not yet been retained, apparently.

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