The Purchasers of the Cusack Documents - Their Interest in the ABC Lawsuit

Each of the 140 persons who purchased one or more documents from the Cusack Papers has received from the plaintiffs in the ABC Action, in addition to the guarantee they received in writing when they purchased the documents, an option to sell their papers to the plaintiffs with payment to be made solely out of the plaintiffs' recovery, if any, in the lawsuit, on the written terms and conditions which will be distributed to each of the purchasers in the near future. Meanwhile, a copy of the Repurchase Agreement is now available in this website (see below).

This option is intended to let the purchasers know that they have this added assurance from the plaintiffs concerning the documents they purchased from plaintiffs.

The written guarantee of authenticity remains, of course.

Any questions concerning this Repurchase Option should be directed to any of the plaintiffs, or to their attorney, Carl E. Person. The only terms for the Repurchase Option are those set forth therein, in writing. To see the Repurchase Option dated November 24, 1997, click on Go to Repurchase Agreement, as Executed 11/24/97.

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