Fact and Expert Witnesses Wanted for the JFK/MM Historical Papers Litigation

Note: All of the statements below are allegations, as distinguished from statements of fact. The obvious purpose of having allegations below, instead of statements of asserted fact, is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

We urge that you read the Complaint and see if you have any useful ideas. If you can be of some help to us, please communicate with me by fax (212-307-0247) or by telephone (212-307-4444). E-mail is not advised, because it gets less priority from me, and sometimes gets erased accidentally, for a variety of reasons.

Particularly, we are very interested in hearing from persons knowledgeable about typewriter typefaces used during the 1950's through 1970's, IBM typeface knockoffs for the Selectric I and II, manual lift-off devices for correcting typewritten errors during the early to mid-1960's, and the first availability of the Selectric, Selectric II, and different typefaces for the IBM golf ball elements.

Also, we are looking for persons who worked for attorney Aaron R. Frosch, Marilyn Monroe's attorney for 2 years before her death in 1962, and executor of her estate for the following 25 years. He was known as the Attorney for the Stars, and had an office in New York and apparently in Los Angeles, as well. He died in 1989.

Also, we are looking for persons who worked in the estates and trust department (or corporate trust department) of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company during the early 1960's who would know about V.I.P. trust accounts, especially Kennedy Family trust accounts and especially the $600,000 trust established for Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Baker and Marilyn Monroe's sister, Bernice Miracle.

Also, we are looking for persons in the Archdiocese of New York who knew about the work which Lawrence X. Cusack was doing for the Archdiocese, the Vatican (on occasion) and for John F. Kennedy.

Finally, we would like to talk with persons who knew Sam Giancana or his friends, relatives or associates, or who know something about Giancana's relationship with Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and/or John F. Kennedy or Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., or the 1960 presidential elections from the standpoint of voter fraud.

Another finally, we would like to talk with handwriting and signature experts who can shed some light on the murky field of authentication of handwriting and signatures. What are the chances that ten experts would all agree that a handwritten document apparently written by JFK was authentic or was a forgery? Can you expect differing points of view? What accounts for these differing points of view. Is there any scientific aspect to handwriting analysis? Should an expert be given as much information as possible, or is it better to tell the expert nothing about the background of the document and what other experts have said about it?

There is a lot more we would like to find out, but these are some of the more important matters which come to my mind at this point.

To communicate with us about being a fact or expert witness, or to discuss some facts we should know, please telephone, fax or write to attorney Carl E. Person, addressed as follows:

Carl E. Person 325 W. 45th St. - Suite 201 New York NY 10036-3803

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