I have spelled out my concept of the Virtual Law Firm in other parts of Lawmall.

Now, I want to implement part of what I advocate by taking on several partners in my virtual law firm.

A partner can come from any state but, obviously, must be a member of the bar in at least one state.

I am seeking lawyers with 1-3 years' experience as lawyers, not necessarily in litigation, and I am willing to associate with a lawyer with respect to one or more specific lawsuits.

I will give training and insight, and provide higher-level legal services (whatever that means), and my partner will run the case or cases on a day to day basis.

Also, I will fund the cases, to the extent the client requires advances from his/her attorneys.

This is an excellent chance for an inexperienced lawyer (admitted to the bar) to obtain experience in litigation while on his/her own, without having to serve years in a large law firm to acquire such experience.

For lawyers who are required by circumstances to be on their own, as individual practitioners, this would be a valuable way to break into litigation. The type of litigation which I do for the most part is civil, commerci al, civil rights, contingent-fee litigation.

In our relationship, the litigation case partner and I would be attorneys of record; I would supply the clients and cases for partners in New York City and surrounding area, but would expect ordinarily that the litigation case partner from outside New York City would supply the clients and cases.

Ordinarily, I would expect that we would be equal partners in dividing whatever legal fees are involved in a specific case, according to a prior written agreement.

I have had substantial experience in handling out-of-state (i.e., non-New York) cases and believe that they would be easy to handle through internet/e-mail, fax, federal or postal express and telephone communications.

It's all part of my concept of the Virtual Law Firm.

I look forward to hearing from you. You can see my resume or c.v. and the types of cases I handle by clicking on Carl E. Person C.V.

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