Losers Magazine (tm) Article No. 2 (10/5/95) by Carl E. Person

First Published 10/5/95; Last Correction (Links Only) on 11/21/03

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Losers Magazine wants to help its readers. The reason is partly altruistic and partly self-interest. The first reason needs no explanation. Self interest does.

I would like to know that the ideas being presented in Losers Magazine are helpful, and no better way exists than to draw from the ideas presented (and to be presented) in the magazine and apply them to specific situations presented by readers.

This is so especially because many of the most important articles are not written yet, and it is most likely that these articles can include information about readers' successes with the information and ideas presented in the magazine.

My background includes law, investment banking, business conception, development and management, creation of two new career fields, film production, marketing, education, teaching, writing, publicity, civil rights, antitrust, and various other areas. When someone presents a problem, I have a broader background than most persons to put together a possible solution.

The world has become quite complex, making the problems more complex, which suggests the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving many of the problems.

You can see my multi-disciplinary background as described in my c.v. Carl E. Person c.v.. Also, to learn more about the creativity which I can bring to bear on a problem, and the process by which answers to problems become evident, you should look at the pamphlet I wrote on creativity How You Can Be Creative.

It is with background that I approach the overall subject of the exclusion of many millions of persons from equitable participation in the U.S. economy through no fault of their own, other than their failure to find needed information not readily availabl e to them.

To communicate with me concerning any problems you may be having concerning downsizing, underemployment, unemployment or small business unprofitability, send an e-mail letter to carlpers@ix.netcom.com, or a fax to 212-307-0247, or call me at 212-307-4444. Also, you should note, that I won't publish your name without specific permission from you.

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