Losers Magazine (tm) Article No. 11 (10/6/95) by Carl E. Person

An Incomplete Checklist of Problems Which If Solved Would Permit a Fair Division of the Economic Pie

I find that while writing about what's wrong with the economy I wind up with too much discussion and not enough specific listing of the troublesome areas or hit list of components which need correction.

I'm going to try to list my major concerns without any unnecessary discussion to be able to pull together a list of problems which persons can use as a checklist, although incomplete I must hasten to add.

Without any specific order of priority (such as dollar impact, or ease or difficulty in solving), let me offer the following list of economic problems which collectively, if solved, would turn around the entire economy without question.

The problems referred to above are not all of the problems which should be addressed. In fact, the problem of excessive licensing covers thousands of different types of licenses many of which can hardly be justified on a cost/benefit analysis, and serve i nstead to protect the businesses which are granted the original licenses.

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