Losers Magazine (tm) Article No. 19 (10/7/95) by Carl E. Person

Benefits of Economic Deregulation - A Look into the Future

I was thinking while writing my Loser Magazine articles what we can expect if the restraints in the economy were removed as urged.

Concentration of capital would be reduced, and competition would be increased, providing more opportunities, more jobs and lower prices, and more new and improved products and services. This is really just a general statement of the overall benefits which any economist could predict.

The not-so-obvious changes would include:

I could think of 500 more things which probably would happen if deregulation occurred, but I hope I have started you to think about what could be. My emphasis has been on systems, which requires money to buy the manpower needed to put the information together, maintain the databases, market the system, and fulfill the customers orders.

I see a tremendous growth in employment if small business is given the opportunity to raise money to do the things such as listed above. But there are many other things, especially in the area of new and improved products, which are too vast in scope for me to even begin thinking about, even though I am an inventor and have been awarded two patents.

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