NEW YORK, NY, May 14, 2005 -- Attorney Carl Person is starting his newest action in an Off-Off Broadway theatre, a town-hall presentation called "Town Attorney General Meeting". At the meeting, Person will explain how any resident of a community can fight outsourcing, globalization, a declining astandard of living, and working harder for less money and little hope.

Person, a civil rights and antitrust lawyer for 40+ years, says "Any town or village appointing a Town Attorney General to protect the interests of its residents can expect the effect each year of a winning lottery ticket, with $5-10,000 available for distribution to each family. This, according to Person, is a "Reverse Tax" or it could be used "to provide free healthcare and free prescription drugs for all residents of the town or village".

"The Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living" has been caused by the nation's failure to enforce its antitrust laws", according to Person, "and the cure is to start enforcing these laws at the local level of government through appointment of a 'Little Eliot Spitzer' or 'Town Attorney General'. This is the way to put the genie of globalization back into its bottle", says Person.

Person notes that Attorney General Spitzer claims to have recovered $2.3 billion for New Yorkers last year, which is about 7 times the amount of fines obtained that year by NYC's 50,000+ army of ticketing police, sanitation, fire, health, parking enforcement, transit authority police, Port Authority police, and other governmental personnel. "Clearly, an appointing town or village can get a big bang for its buck", according to Person. In fact, Person expects that "most towns should have a positive cash flow within 1-3 months."

Today, according to Person, "there has never been a Town or Village Attorney General, but when the first town or village in the U.S. obtains free healthcare, there should be a grassroots effect, with the voters in most if not all 18,500 towns and villages demanding free healthcare." Person says that "this is a free-market approach to a desired political result."

The town hall meeting takes place on Thursday, June 2nd and on Friday, June 3rd, at 7:30 p.m., at the Producers Club Theatre, 358 W. 44th Street (8-9th Ave.), Manhattan. The audience is encouraged to participate, and refreshments are provided at no additional charge. Tickets are $15 adults, $10 seniors/students, available at Mayors and Town Managers are invited to attend without charge.

Attorney Carl Person has his office in New York, NY. Person, through his recent book Saving Main Street and Its Retailers and his new show, Town Attorney General Meeting, is encouraging each of the nation's 18,500 towns and villages to appoint him or another lawyer as its Town Attorney General, to protect the town and its residents from the evils of outsourcing, globalization and declining standard of living". In his website, Person offers to put on his show at no charge in support of any mayoral candidate in the nation promising, if elected, to appoint a Town Attorney General.

SOURCE: Carl E. Person Law Office
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