Assistance Offered to RPA Plaintiffs' Attorneys

Robinson-Patman Act litigation has become increasingly more difficult over the years. The reasons are political for the most part, caused by a lack of concern by the nation's elected officials for enforcement of the antitrust laws generally, and the Robinson-Patman Act most specifically.

The Justice Department will not look into any allegations or complaint about the violation of the Robinson-Patman Act by major or multi-national companies, and the FTC pretends to be interested, but does nothing. The worst thing about doing nothing is that small-business victims are misled into expending time, money and energy into pursuing a governmental solution, when none is available. This mis-spent time, money and energy enables the large companies to violate the Robinson-Patman Act with greater im punity than otherwise.

There is a non-governmental free-market need for assistance in the Robinson-Patman Act area, and RPAMall is trying to fill this need.

If you have any questions about price or service discrimination, RPAMall will try to answer the questions, without charge, at least if the questions can be answered from the background and experience of RPAMall's editor (RPA attorney Carl E. Person).

If you want to estimate your costs or value of your claim, RPAMall can be of help to you. We see the current costs of maintaining RPA litigation and can give you current insights into costs, anticipated length of an RPA lawsuit, and prospects for success .

More importantly, if you (as an RPA plaintiff or RPA plaintiff's attorney) are faced with any immediate litigation problems you cannot readily resolve, feel free to call upon RPAMall. At this stage, unless the assistance is quick advice (without research or drafting), there may be a request for some type of fee or interest. However, this would be applicable only through a written agreement signed by your attorney.

The kind of help you may need in your lawsuit could well be assistance in opposing a motion for summary judgment, or in opposing a motion for sanctions, to name two common motions which are made as a litigation strategem. But there are other areas as well in which you might need help, such as in making or opposing discovery motions, preparing requests to charge (if you are ready to go to trial), or even help on an appeal or in making a motion for a preliminary injunction.

RPAMall and its editor are interested in providing a network and assistance for plaintiffs throughout the U.S. in Robinson-Patman Act lawsuits, by keeping abreast of RPA developments and making these new developments available to RPA plaintiffs and their attorneys in furtherance of RPA enforcement.

If you have any interest in obtaining help with your RPA lawsuit, commenced or to be commenced anywhere in the U.S., please communicate with RPAMall or its editor, Carl E. Person.

Also, there is a possibility that financing can be obtained for your lawsuit. Public Offering and Sale of Shares in Your RPA Lawsuit.

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