Federal Court Docket Sheet in RPA Action

The docket sheet in a federal lawsuit is the computerized list of entries made by the court clerk's office as to each document filed in the case, including the complaint, answer, motion, decision, judgment and notice of appeal.

A docket sheet in a typical antitrust action, in 1-2 years, will be about 10 to 25 pages, and a close reading of a docket sheet (really, docket sheet pages) will give a newcomer (plaintiff or attorney) to antitrust litigation an insight into the varied events which can be expected, including the filing of expert reports, the making of motions in limine (immediately prior to trial to obtain rulings on admissibility of evidence or qualification of witnesses, usually), the making of motions for summary judgm ent and cross motions by the plaintiff for partial summary judgment, the making of motions to compel discovery or to compel production of documents withheld as allegedly privileged, the various decisions rendered by the District Judge or Magistrate Judge, and many more things which go to make up the lawsuit, including the filing of documents under seal, and usually ending with a Notice of Appeal or a Stipulation (usually marked confidential) of Settlement and Dismissal of the Case.

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