A Plaintiffs' Group Can Be from Different Industries against a Common Chain-Store Retailer

Although it may seem difficult to accept, there is no inherent reason why a group of unrelated plaintiffs who are victims of price discrimination in totally different industries (such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, automobile parts, books, appliances, snacks, food) cannot sue the same defendant (probably a major chain retailer which carries all of these listed lines).

It would not even be necessary for the plaintiffs to be in the same area, although this would make the action somewhat easier to maintain.

The advantage to grouping plaintiffs together irrespective of industry is to be able to have a sufficient number of plaintiffs bringing suit to be able to spread the costs of the RPA litigation, and to enable the litigation to have more of an economic impact on the defendant.

Thus, this website will attempt to bring plaintiffs together from different industries when they have an expressed common defendant.

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Initial Publication: 11/29/99; Last Update: 11/29/99

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