Litigation Stages and Estimated Length of RPA Lawsuit

Litigation Stages and Estimated Length of RPA Lawsuit

Here is a quick discussion. You can expect a price or service discrimination lawsuit under the Robinson-Patman Act to last more than one year and hopefully less than two years, including trial (but not any appeals). An appeal would add at least 6 months to the time table.

It is assume that the case is being litigated diligently by the plaintiff's attorney, and that there is no settlement prior to a scheduled date for trial. A scheduled date for trial becomes the time at which defendants and their attorneys seriously consi der settlement. Before that time, the attorneys are making huge amounts of money defending the case, and the defendants know that as a practical matter they are making higher profits by not settling the case until the last moment.

Settlements generally are for substantially less than the theoretical liability, because of

For the foregoing and various other reasons, any settlement will be for substantially less than the amount which plaintiff lost. Also, defendants, when settling a case, do not usually pay anything more than the actual provable damages and therefore do no t settle for payment of the trebled part of the plaintiff's damages.

The Litigation Stages

RPA litigation can be broken down into the following stages:

The foregoing is a brief summary.

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