Charles E. Mueller's Must-Visit Antitrust Website for his Antitrust Law & Economics Review

Charles E. Mueller's Must-Visit Antitrust Website for his Antitrust Law & Economics Review

Because antitrust law enforcement is not one of the most popular topics in America today, there is not a significant number of websites devoted to the topic. The most important antitrust website is run by the editor of the publication entitled Antitrust Law & Economics Review.

Mueller is an antitrust lawyer and economist who for many years worked as a high FTC official in the Economic section of the Federal Trade Commission and was responsible for economic analysis for the FTC.

Mueller's insights into the problems of antitrust law in the United States are brilliant and enlightening, and appear to be the main opposition in the United States to the Chicago School of Antitrust, which advocates a hands off policy with no significant enforcement of the antitrust laws. This Chicago School approach has enabled the economy to become concentrated, and further concentrated, with the decline in standard of the middle class as a traceable result, using micro-economic analysis.

Without antitrust law enforcement, the big companies get even bigger, and have less allegiance to the United States as a growing multi-national company. Less allegiance shows up in the downsizing of United States operations, and the removal of tens of thousands of jobs to low-paying foreign countries where the multi-national has temporary allegiance until it can find another country offering an even lower wage rate.

By failing to enforce the antitrust laws, the country has allowed itself to deteriorate economically. Large accumulations of capital purchase the legislators' votes, cripple government antitrust enforcement activity which of course is a political function of government to pick and choose which cases if any the government chooses to bring. Also, non-enforcement enables the large companies to expand their monopolies through unlawful price discrimination activities, which are no more in many cases than a monopolist exploiting its monopoly power by charging different prices to different customers, and charging what the market will bear. This is so because the customers have no other place to buy the branded product.

Branded products create monopolies because an increase in price of 5%, for example, would not deter most Coke purchasers from ordering Coke. Thus, when a major company has a hot brand or product, it can charge whatever the market will bear because there is no substitute to which consumers can turn. If they want Coke, they have to pay the price. If they want a Barbie Doll, they have to pay the price.

We urge you to look at Chuck Mueller's Antitrust website to get a better feel for the importance and unfortunate direction of antitrust law enforcement today in the United States. You will be surprised at the depth and importance of the information which Mueller makes available to the public. Charles E. Mueller's Homepage for America's Only Anti-Monopoly Journal, Antitrust Law & Economics Review. Also, you should look at Mueller's "Dirty Dozen" Mueller makes available to the public. Mueller's Dirty Dozen List of Cases.

There are three other antitrust websites which you should know about and look at: Ralph Anspach's Anti-Monopoly Website; and for an important antitrust website (and take the time to subscribe to the Antitrust List); and the American Bar Association's Antitrust Website.

Also, you can find some antitrust-related materials in Lawmall (of which RPAmall is a component).

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