Coalition for a Level Playing Field, LLC and Other Organizations Fighting Illegal Price Discrimination

Surprisingly, there are very few organizations in the United States fighting illegal price discrimination. The main organization is the Coalition for a Level Playing Field, L.L.C., an organization of various auto-parts associations for independent auto-parts jobbers and retailers. Its website is at Coalition for a Level Playing Field Website. Another is the American Booksellers Association, with its website at American Booksellers Association Website.

The reason that most organizations for business do not get involved in price discrimination issues is, unfortunately, that they represent independent as well as major retailers, and this immunizes the organization from doing anything to help its most numerous, most needy members. Instead, the persons running these organizations usually sit back and do nothing, to the extreme prejudice of most of their members. Of course, this inaction is causing the association to lose most of its members as they are driven out of business because of these violations of the Robinson- Patman Act.

If anyone knows of any other organizations fighting illegal price discrimination, please let us know and we will post the appropriate information.