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Town Attorney General Promises Free Healthcare as Part of $5,000 to
$10,000 in Annual "Reverse Tax" to be Paid to Each Town Resident in a Small Town.

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The nation's dramatic change of direction started with the Nixon Administration, as the direct result of a decline in antitrust law enforcement. This was a predictable result from the need of politicians to seek ever-increasing financial backing from the owners and officers of major corporations. Our Constitutional system of checks and balances is failing, resulting in more work for less money, fewer jobs, and reduced business opportunities for most Americans.

The solution seems clear to antitrust attorney Carl Person – “Appointment of a Town Attorney General (or ‘Little Eliot Spitzer’) in each of the nation’s 18,500 cities, towns and villages - to enforce antitrust and other citizen-oriented laws the federal government no longer enforces.”

Although there is no Town Attorney General anywhere in the country, Person is negotiating with several towns to be appointed. Person has 40 years of experience in antitrust, commercial, and civil rights litigation. He has the skills needed by a Town Attorney General.

Towns become interested when Person points out that he (or another Town Attorney General) should be able to recover, through appropriate lawsuits, $5-10,000 per family per year, available for distribution as a “reverse tax” to all town residents. This is sufficient to cover healthcare, dental care, prescription drugs and all or most of the residents’ real estate taxes. "When the first town obtains free healthcare for its residents, all other towns will fall in line", says Person.

Person, creator of the paralegal field during 1972, is creating this new career field through producing a show in which the audience is his "staff" and participates in the show. Person offers the show free to any community wanting to learn more about appointing a Town Attorney General. The first performance is June 2nd, Producers Club Theatre, 358 W. 44th St., NY NY.

Person has gained notoriety through such Radio shows as the Alex Jones show, The Louie Freeh show, Live with David Von Kleist, and many others. Carl was featured in Forbes magazine in January this year as well as holding a feature on the cover of this weeks Greensheet magazine.

Mr. Person is looking to schedule airtime to discuss his noteable, worthwhile ideas with the many very important NPR stations in the nation. Please call Kelly Irene Corson at 212-307-4444 to schedule an appointment.

The Town Attorney General is developed by Person in his book Saving Main Street and Its Retailers ( and in his website

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