Purpose of Prosecutorial Misconduct Website

Purpose of Prosecutorial Misconduct Website: To Create Opportunity for Victims of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Prosecutorial Abuse to Exchange Information, Strategies, Suggestions and Advice for Fighting Illegal Prosecutorial Tactics

This Prosecutorial Misconduct Website is a distinct segment of the Lawmall website and deals mainly with illegal practices by federal and state prosecutors throughout the United States involving "Prosecutorial Misconduct" or "Prosecutorial Abuse", phrases which refer to practices which, if "reverse-prosecuted", may be sufficient to justify dismissal of a criminal indictment (if outcome determinative) or have sanctions of some type or civil-rights liability imposed against the prosecutor.

This Prosecutorial Misconduct Website, in due course, will provide a catalog of prosecutorial misconduct or abuses (which terms, you will learn from another article in this website, are basically interchangeable) each of which can justify dismissal of an indictment or other criminal pleading.

Also, the Website will attempt to identify the prosecutors, investigators, experts and others who are trampeling on the constitutional rights of their victims to win convictions and related political and economic rewards.

Identifying prosecutorial misconduct and abuse is one thing. Doing something about it is another. This Website will discuss strategies which a victim and his/her criminal lawyer might consider to fight back.

The Website wants to interview victims and the lawyers for victims of prosecutorial misconduct, to try to put together this Website. Specifically, we are looking for the specific practices employed by prosecutors which are unconstitutional or otherwise illegal; what efforts were made by the victim's criminal attorney to offset the illegal practice; and the results of such effort.

Also, an important part of this Website is how the press interfaces with the prosecutor, and what relationship exists during the course of a criminal proceeding between the prosecutor and the press.

A most important part of the information needed by this Website are the activities of the grand jury carried out by the prosecutor, and the extent to which the prosecutor violates the secrecy requirements of the grand jury process.

The criminal process in many jurisdictions of the United States has become similar to the Internal Revenue Service in the way that citizens' rights are violated by government officials who misuse their power for various improper reasons.

This Website will try to provide useful information for victims and their lawyers who are caught up in illegal prosecutorial activities and seek some new ideas on what to do.

To accomplish this, we need the input of past and present victims, their attorneys, and persons who are willing to relate what they know from working with prosecutors, government criminal investigators, experts and even members of past grand juries (without violating their secrecy obligations).

Unless you have a specific question you would like to have answered, it is suggested that you go through this Prosecutorial Misconduct Website from one topic to the next, until you have read the entire presentation.

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