DROPPING OUT (tm) - For Downsizees, Unemployed, Underemployed, Disenfranchised, and Disenchanted Middle Class Members Seeking to Improve Their Economic Status and Quality of Life

DROPPING OUT is an e-book in progress with an important message for persons who have been losing ground in their middle class struggle in employment and/or business. The solution for many such persons seems inevitable and predictable. Why not take a look into your future and perhaps get their earlier than others? There could be some major advantages!

The author's book proposal is included, together with the table of contents and a chapter outline for the 26 chapters not actually written, plus the 4 chapters (1-3 and 20) which give you most of what you need to know right now.

If anyone wants to complete the book as co-author, give me (Carl E. Person) a call so we can talk a while about the project. So far the proposal has not been sent out to any publishers. I do not know the effect which website publication could have on the obtaining a contract for publication. I suspect it would not hurt, and could possibly help.

Carl E. Person, Author of DROPPING OUT, carlpers@lawmall.com
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