Latefee Avoidance

Things You Can Do to Avoid Paying Late Fees and Other Penalties

Here are some ways to avoid having to pay late fees and other penalties:

  • Use the various notice features in this website
  • Input the features of each of your credit cards, get a printout notice of this accumulated information to keep on your person, and use this information from time to time to decide which credit cards to use
  • Create a credit-card analysis envelope for each of your credit cards to be able to see from the card's envelope whether you should be using that specific card for the transaction under consideration
  • Take advantage of your bank's online banking to order automatic payment each month, at the appropriate date, of the anticipated minimum monthly payment required by each credit-card company
  • Manage your use of cards so you don't go over the minimum as to the cards having the highest late fees
  • On each mortgage payment check state clearly: This check is intended as a monthly payment, and NOT a payment to reduce principal.
  • Other tips to be supplied by website users