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2/7/97 Shils Report - Impact of Mega-Retail Discount Chains on American Small Businesses

The Shils Report Is of Major Importance and Should Be Read by Anyone Interested in Antitrust Enforcement or Lack of Enforcement

The Shils Report, published on February 7, 1997, is entitled "Measuring the Economic and Sociological Impact of the Mega-Retail Discount Chains on Small Enterprise in Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities".

Edward B. Shils, with Ph.D., J.D. and LL.M. degrees, is the study director, and the George W. Taylor Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Director Emeritus of the Wharton Entrepreneurial Center of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Shils' 250-page (downloadable) Report is based on statistical sampling, and therefore potentially useful as evidence in an appropriate lawsuit.

The Report details the effect which the mega-chains and "Big Boxes" have had on competing small businesses, particularly because of the lower prices which the big chains are able to demand due to their size, and the government's failure to enforce the nation's antitrust laws, including the Robinson-Patman Act.

The Report provides an excellent evidentiary basis for making antitrust claims against the superstore chains for unlawful destruction of the town and small businesses therein. Under the Robinson-Patman Act, in cases already decided by the federal courts, there appears to be room to assert such claims by towns against the companies violating the Robinson-Patman Act, for injunctive relief as well as for damages.

The Shils Report is must reading for anyone interested in the Robinson-Patman Act.

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