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Chapter I

Surviving the Invasion of the Mega Stores: The Impact of Mega-Retail Discount Chains on Urban, Suburban and Rural Economies.

Chapter II

Who are the Mega-Retail Discount Chains - How Did They Evolve?

Chapter III

The Pending Impact of the Arrival of Large National Discount Chains on Small Retailers in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois and New York State with Respect to Wages, Employment, Profitability etc. of Affected Small Businesses.

Chapter IV

The State of Mind of the Small Retailer in America: His Fears and Concerns About Survival

Part I

Can small retail entrepreneurs survive chain competition by utilizing updated marketing and management strategies?

Part II

Narrative "quotes" from respondents in the following 4 states:

A. California

B. Pennsylvania

C. Illinois

D. New York

Chapter V

Are Mega-Retail Discount Chains Subject to Review by State and Federal Regulatory Agencies, With Respect to Antitrust Statutes? Also, the Subject of Predatory Pricing is Examined.

Chapter VI

Predatory Pricing - Part I - The Arkansas Wal-Mart Cases

Chapter VII

Predatory Pricing - Part II - The Arkansas Wal-Mart Appeal, as well as A Comparison of State v. Federal Alternatives

Chapter VIII

Retail Corporate Welfare

Chapter IX

The Employment Picture of the United States

Chapter X

Conclusions and Recommendations


Attitudinal Survey

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