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The Best 4 Ways to Help Residents and Small Businesses in Your Town

These are are 4 major improvements you can implement in your town:

1st - Appointment of a Town Attorney General;

2nd - Set up a FREE, No-Tuition Equivalency College in Your Area;

3rd - Set up a Community Employer of Record for Small Businesses and Households in Your Area;

4th - Bring in $ 10,000's of Extra Income Each Year for Each Participating Resident and Small Business.

How can you not want something like this for your community? All of this is feasible, and I (Carl Person) would like to work with any community in the U.S. that wants to do any of the above for their residents, homeowners, small businesses, unemployed, underemployed, retirees and other victims of the unworkable political system and its owners.

Here is a brief explanation, with links to additional information.

Appointment of a Town Attorney General

If you don't understand what a "town attorney general" could do for the residents, small businesses and other victimized persons in a town, here is the concept in a nutshell. The town attorney general enforces the RIGHTS of residents and small businesses (and others) using taxpayer money, similar to the way the county prosecutor uses taxpayer money to enforce the DUTIES of these same people, often on an unfair, abusive and illegal basis. There is too much enforcement of our DUTIES and not enough enforcement of our RIGHTS, such as the rights to have a better political result; the right to have jobs and adequate healthcare; the right to have corporations pay their fair share of government expenses; the right not to have prosecutorial abuse; the right to earn a living without being put out of business by monopolists protected by the government they have bought with campaign contributions, etc.

The proceeds of Town Attorney General actions could be used to provide free healthcare, free broadband service, reduced taxes and reduced rent for the residents, homeowners, small businesses and other protected persons in the town.

Appointment of a Town Attorney General in your town, village or city can be done in New York State through a ballot initiative similar to the one drafted by Carl Person to have him appointed New York City Attorney General. See Creation of New York City Attorney General to Enforce Constitutional Rights of NYC Citizens, Residents, Workers, Homeowners and Small Businesses at Public Expense

In New York and every other State, a Town Attorney General can always be appointed by the mayor, town supervisor and/or local legislature, and the way of doing this is

First, making an appointment to visit the appropriate town officials and sell them on appointing a Town Attorney General - Mr. Person will cooperate in accepting the initial appointment to help any town get the position up and running and to set up guidelines for the permanent appointee;

Secondly, get candidates to run for local office (such as mayor or membership on the governing board or council) promising to appoint a Town Attorney General if they are elected. Mr. Person, at no cost to the candidate, will come into town and help campaign for anyone promising to appoint (or try to appoint) a Town Attorney General. Candidates should have a good shot at winning, with Mr. Person's help together with various campaign issues for the candidate to improve the town for its residents, small businesses, homeowners, retirees, unemployed, underemployed and employed individuals (what Mr. Person calls his "Protected Group" - the persons who have been left behind in this present winner-take-all (from us) economy.

Since originally writing his election-issues website, Mr. Person has zeroed in on 4 main issues for adoption by towns, villages, municipalities and small cities:

1. An absolutely free, no-tuition (free books) equivalency college (including free remedial courses) for residents of the area - a real winner, and available right away if any town wants to give its town a huge economic boost - [for upstate New York, for example, the free college would have an optional program for students consisting of "Bringing Back Manufacturing to Upstate New York");

2. The Town Attorney General, to enforce the rights of the Protected Group (as defined above) at public expense;

3. A town non-profit corporation to function as the employer of record for ALL employees of small businesses (full-time, part-time and/or seasonal or occasional) and households (i.e., domestic workers, full or part-time) to take off the backs of all small businesses in the area the burdensome costs (of money and time) in complying with the federal, state and any local laws and rules concerning payroll, withholding, reports, audits, workmen's compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, record keeping, writing checks, calculating amounts to be deduced, calculating amounts to be paid to various government accounts, and so on, in a never ending stream of obligations that are oppressive and destructive of the right of human being to earn a living through a small business; and, finally, the best of the four

4. Encouraging as many of the Protected Group in the town as possible to sign up on Person's totally-free website FREE Website for Offering and Selling Your "Tasks" or for Finding Tasks You Need to Have Performed<'b> - website users are encouraged to place hundreds or more FREE, LIFETIME ADS offering "tasks" to be performed as distinguished from offering your services to major corporations as an "employee" or off-the-books independent contractor. The major corporations don't really want you for long; most of them are looking to turn your job, and the jobs of millions of other Americans, over to other countries where the labor rate is anywhere from 5 cents to $4 per hour, then ship the goods back to your town and sell you these foreign-made goods at American prices - an obviously destructive policy for Americans. When Person obtains a cooperative town, Person will work with the town to get as many of the Protected Group members to sign up with myclads.com and place hundreds of FREE ads for each. Then, with 40% of the members of the Protected Group in the town (what Person calls the desired "critical mass" of 40%), Person will advertise these "task" services to the surrounding area of 25 to 50 miles from the center of the town through low-cost radio, television cable and newspaper advertising to drive income into the town and its residents and small businesses. If this succeeds, the surrounding towns will have their own Protected Group members sign up on the myclads website for their own FREE ads, and extra income, and the "tasks" method of self employment to replace the diminishing "employment" model will occur, and individual in the U.S. will be performing high-value tasks described by themselves instead of $5-$10 per hour work defined by Wal-Mart and other major retailers who are making enormous profits for themselves selling foreign goods to the U.S. in their obviously destructive way, and destroying the U.S. economy along the way.