About Us - i.e., about Carl E. Person

My name is Carl E. Person, and I am an attorney admitted to practice in New York. Since 1993, I have written more than 100 websites (very loosely defined to include pamphlets, articles, books published on Internet, a cartoon, works in progress). My c.v. or resume is at Updated C.V. or Resume of Carl E. Person

This website is my oldest website. is basically an index to these 100+ websites, not only for users, but for me to be able to find my own material.

Two wide-ranging 1-hour interviews of me by MNN's Harold Channer have been posted by Mr. Channer on YouTube. Here are links to these two interviews.

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 05-15-08

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 02-28-08

I am a graduate of Long Island University and Harvard Law School and have more than 40 years of litigation experience, primarily in antitrust, commercial and civil rights cases. Categories of my websites, articles, pamphlets, books and other works (even a Wal-mart cartoon) are available through links in the leftside or top banners.

Most of my material is law related, and at this time I am actively trying to create a new governmental position, which I call, generically, the "town attorney general". See my website My Town Attorney General Website. Other names for this new office (not yet achieved in any of the nation's 38,967 towns, villages, cities, counties or other municipalities) are:

  • NYC Attorney General [which I am now trying to create through a ballot initiative in NYC, naming myself as the first NYC Attorney General]
  • City Attorney General
  • County Attorney General
  • Village Attorney General
  • Municipal Attorney General

So I can change the total number from time to time, I am including a link to my source for statistics on the number of counties, cities, towns and other municipal governments in the United States. See Wikipedia as Source for my 40,000 Total [scroll halfway down the long page]. There are 3,034 counties; 19,429 "cities" and other municipalities with "large" populations; and 16,504 "towns" or "townships". I'll use the figure 40,000.

The law has been used during the past 40 years to reduce the rights and standard of living of most Americans. As I see the problem, from my vantage point as a lawyer, litigator, private enforcer of the nation's laws, and someone who has tried (unsuccessfully) to run for statewide office in NYS (Attorney General, in 2006), the country needs more civil law enforcement at government expense. Voters, residents, homeowners, employees and small businesses do not have the money to enforce the nation's laws. This should be done by the federal, state and local governments, but it is not being done by any of them.

My concept for the "town attorney general" is to decentralize the awsome power of the state Attorney General by creating an army of 40,000 (hopefully elected) public attorneys general throughout the United States (one for each governmental unit below the state level) who will start enforcing the nation's civil laws on behalf of the nation's voters, residents, employees, homeowners and small businesses - AT GOVERNMENTAL EXPENSE. In other words, we no longer can rely upon the federal and state governments to enforce the rights of individuals, and the way of dealing with this problem is to create an enforcement office at the lowest levels of government.

This is very much a legal problem, as I see it, and something to which I am devoting a significant amount of time, in addition to my litigation law practice.

If you would like to help out or want to talk about any of these matters, please give me a call, 212-307-4444 or send me an email, to