Here is a list of antitrust and related websites, in no particular order:

  1. Website for Law Practice of Carl E. Person

  2. A MOST IMPORTANT Website, for my monopolization case against Google regarding the alleged market for search advertising; and the alleged market for monetization of traffic for social networking websites

  3. Consultation on Antitrust Issues by Carl E. Person, 40+ Years' Experience in Antitrust Law

  4. Legal Actions for the Tortious or Other Destruction of Business - A Checklist for Litigators

  5. My Main Robinson-Patman Act Website with 80 RPA Articles - an Information Mall for Business, Consumer and Town/Village Victims of Price Discrimination or Service Discrimination under the Robinson-Patman Act

  6. of My RPA Articles - "Damages Rule of Thumb: 9,000 X 1 Day's Loss of Profits"

  7. Wal-Mart - Pro and Con Arguments for Use in Wal-Mart Expansion Battles; and Fighting Globalization

  8. Website for Independent Retailers, Jobbers and Wholesalers to Maintain an RPA Action for a Manufacturer's Discriminatory Advertising and Promotional Program

  9. SAVING MAIN STREET AND ITS RETAILERS, by Carl E. Person. See Saving Main Street and Its Retailers.

  10. Theatrical Show [and Road Show] to Promote My Concept of Town Attorney General - "Town Attorney General Meeting" with flyers and pictures

  11. Website for Part II of the Auto Parts Industry Price-Discrimination Lawsuit - Coalition for a Level Playing Field, LLC, et al. v. AutoZone, Inc., et al., Index No. 04 CV 08450, for Alleged Violation of Sections 2(a), 2(c), 2(d) and 2(f) of the Robinson-Patman Act - Putting Everything Together for Anyone Interested in Understanding What Is Happening to Small Business, the Economy for the Middle Class, and the Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizens

  12. Website for Part I of the Auto Parts Industry Price-Discrimination Lawsuit against AutoZone, Wal-Mart, Sams Club and Other Major Retailers by 240 Plaintiffs

  13. Epic RPA Fight of Intimate Bookshop against Barnes & Noble and Borders

  14. Using One Person (or a Small Number of Persons) as Plaintiff(s) to Sue on Behalf of a Robinson-Patman Act Public or Publicly-Owned Victim Whose Officials Are Not Willing to Commence an RPA Action for the Victim Such as Ashland VA, and Kmart and Other Chains Unable to Compete with the Leading Superstore Chain

  15. Robinson-Patman Act Trade Association - FORMER HIDDEN Website for Small Businesses to Associate with Each Other Based on a Specific Issue (Such as Price Discrimination) Rather than as an Industry, Where Major Competitors Can Prevent Meaningful Assistance; shows how secret websites can be used by small businesses to get together to fight a common problem

  16. Website on Sherman Antitrust Act

  17. Website for Small Business, including List of Top 60 Small Business Problems

  18. Wallace Kuralt, Owner of Failed Bookstore Chain, Tells All and Recommends a Simple Reform Which Could Help to Level the Playing Field - All Statements in Document Are Allegations Wallace Kuralt's Allegations and Astonishingly Simple Proposed Reform to Reduce the Appeal and Impact of Superstores

  19. Lawsuit to Stop Job Theft and Globalization Activities by State and Local Economic Development and Industrial Development Agencies

  20. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - Proposed Discovery Rules for "Negotiated Facts", E-Mail, Record Retention, and Spoliation of Evidence

  21. Robinson-Patman Price Discrimination Complaint by a Magazine Wholesaler against the Nation's 5 Magazine Distributors

  22. FarmGate - How Millions of Small Farmers May Be Able to Recover for Farming Losses and/or Loss of the Farm by Asserting Claims under the Federal Robinson-Patman Act (or any equivalent state) which prohibits manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers from selling vehicles, gas, pesticides, seed, fertilizer and other items at discriminatory per unit prices

  23. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - How to Put Together a Small Group of Injured Persons to Start a Single Action under the Robinson-Patman Price and/or Service Discrimination against a Superstore, Major Wholesaler or a Manufacturer - or Against a Newspaper, TV Network or Show or Magazine for Group Libel or Industry or Product Disparagement

  24. Fight Monopolists, Politicians and Globalization by DROPPING OUT - a Self-Help Strategy to Increase Your Standard of Living and Quality of Life - DROPPING OUT to Grass-Roots DROPOUT COMMUNITIES - no new laws or federal/state government approvals needed

  25. Eco-Political Website in Opposition to Ever-Increasing Concentration of the U.S. and Worldwide Economies

  26. Sending Your Own Notice of Violation of the RPA to Your SuperStore Competitors or to the Manufacturers - As Evidence for You and Others

  27. Also, see the 4 links near the bottom of the lefthand sidebar for links to my Press Releases, 6 Self-Help Pamphlets, and 19 Losers Magazine articles.

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