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Attorneys may be among the last categories of industry for whom tsunami-like changes are coming. I have been practicing law for more than 40 years and I see some of the changes, including the movement of legal and related paralegal work to other countries or lower-cost areas of the United States; an ever-increasing concentration of the economy resulting in more work for fewer but larger law firms and less work for individual practitioners; an increased cost to small clients to try to obtain relief in the courts; harder work and longer hours for most individual practitioners and attorneys and paralegals working for small law firms; and an ever-increasing competition to obtain clients and the legal work they represent.

I have been looking into the future for a good many years as anyone can determine from the range of interests I have had over the years, as seen from publications in this website. It is not an accident that I was the first attorney in the world (or at least the United States) to sue for the right to advertise. I did this in 1975. In 1975 or 1976 I sued to establish the right to sell shares in lawsuits and won. I had argued that my clients needed to sell shares to finance their antitrust litigation.

During 1972 created the paralegal field by establishing the Paralegal Institute in New York, New York, which was the second paralegal school in the United States. The first school restricted its training to young, single, attractive female graduates from the "Seven Sisters" and was a recruiting system for the nation's top law firms. I opened up the paralegal field to all other qualified persons, after which thousands of programs were started and the paralegal field was the fastest growing career field in the U.S. for about 15 straight years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor annual publications.

Also, I'm trying to create the new career field and political position of the "town attorney general", to decentralize the awsome power of the 50 state attorneys general and have that power be exercisable in the 40,000 towns, villages, cities, counties and other municipalities throughout the U.S.

I am providing this background for you to let you know that I have been on the forefront of developments in the legal industry for more than 40 years.

I now have developed what I feel is a superior way for many of the approximately 1,000,000 attorneys in the U.S. to market themselves effectively in this changing world.

My new website is, a name I selected to refer in abbreviated form to "Attorney Database". Ideally, I would like most attorneys in the United States (and I'll worry about other countries later) to sign up with the website (for FREE) and list the legal tasks and fields as to which they would like to obtain paying clients.

I am suggesting that any one attorney can create many hundreds of FREE "ads" consisting of one, two or several keywords each (such as "change of name" or "commercial real estate closings" or "bar and restaurant sales and closings" or "eviction of elderly tenants in NYC") and have these ads stay on the website "forever", at no charge, until the attorney wants the ad removed (or the website removes the ads for reasons set forth in the "clickwrap agreement" to be approved when becoming an Attorney User of the website.

These keyword ads are very simple and fast to create, consisting of the words or phrases you perceive are the way in which prospective clients would use keywords to seek an attorney to do the task(s) that you are advertising. My website has you put in the basic information about yourself one time only (which takes several minutes at most) and then as many short task/field "ads" as you want. When a prospect client or another attorney searches for an attorney for a certain task or field (expressed with one or more keywords), when one or more ads are found by reason of the search, the attorney's basic information is displayed together with the text of each found ad and any link (to a "landing page") the attorney provided for such ad which allows the user to get additional about the attorney's practice concerning the selected ad. I have a separate landing page for most of my 300+ task/field ads. I invite you to look at my ads together with some of my landing pages so you can see the potential for yourself using this FREE website.

These "landing pages" in your own website can and should provide a substantial amount of additional information about yourself, your practice and the task or field of interest to the prospective client, as a highly significant elaboration of a mere 1 to 6 word listing. You use about 1 to 6 key words to interest a prospective client, and you then offer a website (landing page) focussing on that task or field.

Basically, I'm taking the Google AdWords keyword concept to direct people to the advertising attorney's website to enable the User to get more information about the advertising attorney and the task or field he/she is advertising.

In addition, the User is given an opportunity to designate from 0 to 50 miles as a radius from the User's designated ZIP Code to search for an attorney, thereby giving attorneys within that ZIP Code radius the prospects of being at or near the top of the search results. The User is being given an opportunity to find a nearby attorney.

Creating Landing Pages for Each of the Attorney's Task/Field Listings - a Self-Help Primer

The website is new and I'm still working on it and my own entries. I tried without success to develop an automated program to help other attorneys create landing pages for their own ads, but with my recent experience in creating about 300 landing pages, I can describe what you should do to create landing pages (for uploading to your attorney website) the hundreds of keyword ads you'll be placing on my

The Self-Help Instructions

  • Register as an Attorney with the website and select each of the listed tasks/fields that apply to you, and provide an appropriate rank to indicate your most important tasks/fields (with "1" as the top). To start off, you can rank your tasks/fields on a relative basis, such as from 1 to 10, or from 1 to 5, and the website program will reindex your choices into ranked listings, starting from 1 and ending with the total number of tasks/fields you have selected. [I'll deal with landing pages later.]
  • Now take a pad and think of all the additional different legal tasks/fields you want to offer and create a list of ads or listings consisting of any number of keywords, probably numbering from 1 to a maximum of 10 - this is up to you. For example, if you want employment termination cases you could have a number of different ads such as "employment termination", "fired from job", "wrongful termination of job employment", "unfair firing practice", "firing of union employee", "firing of employee by union", "union firing", "firing of manager", firing of star", "termination of services contract". You could probably add another 20 phrases. Do this for each of the tasks which you would like to offer to prospective clients or to other lawyers or in-house lawyers, or to government lawyers.
  • Now, put these ads (or "listings") into You might now have a total of 300 ads, more or less.
  • At this point, the real effort begins. You could make it easy for yourself and more difficult for the prospective clients if you merely add the same website address (URL) for the home page of your attorney website. But what I would like you to do is to learn how to create a "landing page" for each ad or group of related ads. I can almost talk you through the steps if your attorney website is written in php.

    1. You need to download a ftp program such as FileZilla or purchase an ftp program such as Coffee Cup, then learn how to use the program(s). They will allow you to ftp your landing-page files to your website server in a matter of seconds, one at a time, as you create each landing page.
    2. You will need to get the ftp username and password to permit you to upload and download files at your website. Remember that after reaching the site by ftp, you will probably have to change directories (cd) to httpdocs. This will put you into the directory where most if not all of the files you'll be working with are kept or should be put after you create them.
    3. Determine which php file such as "indexDESC.html" or "menuDESC.php" or "menu.php" provides the information which is the heart of your home page. The file will also bring up the various top and left-hand banners, pictures and copyright information that make up your home page. Make a copy of this key page and give it a name such as FORM1.php [Note: avoid using "....Desc.html" pages, which sometimes are used to obtain information for a "php" page - you can put the same information into a single "php" page and avoid a lot of unnecessary work.
    4. After you have FORM1.php (and have eliminated unwanted material at 3 places and put in xxx instead), make about 10 copies by using notepad or wordpad, opening up FORM1.php and saving it as FORM2.php, FORM3.php, etc. This unwanted material is what makes the home page different from your landing pages.
    5. Now, using notepad or wordpad, open up a FORM-php file and store it as lp_employment.php [the "lp" tells you that it is one of your "landing pages" and "employment" tells you this is your landing page for employment termination ads. Then, you make 3 changes or additions to lp_employment.php at the places where the xxx is found. The first xxx will be the title of your landing page (and not really necessary) [EXAMPLE IN MY LAWMALL HOME PAGE: OpenHtml("LawMall - a Unique Website for Antitrust and Civil Rights Litigation and Needed Political Reform")]; the second xxx will be a copy of the first xxx material, as the displayed title for your landing page; and the 3rd xxx will be whatever you want to tell prospective clients about employment termination, including some of the types of cases you have had; some relevant information of interest to them, such as New York is about the worst state in the U.S. from the standpoint of terminated employees, with a list of exceptions to the general rule that an employee may be terminated by an employer at any time. Also, you should have a link to a jpg or gif file your picture in the FORM, and a link to your resume. T hese are just suggestions. But you will find, depending on your experience in the field/task and your computer savvy, you can create a pretty good landing page in about 15 minutes, if you prepare your FORM properly.
    6. The way of using a php page for your landing page is to eliminate the line of code which looks something like this: $fileName = "attyDB2Desc.html"; and the other material including the starting . You can learn how to preserve the code but make it inoperable by looking at Comments for CSS and PHP Coding.

  • Make sure you put the URL alongside each related ad, and check that the link actually works.
  • If you have any problems along the way, send me an email and I'll get back to you with any help that I can provide. You can help me by getting as many attorneys as possible to list themselves on I believe this website will be the best way for prospective clients and attorneys to locate attorneys of the type they need.

Needless to say, the attorneys who start using this website first can be expected to derive more clients, referrals, work and income from the website than attorneys who sit back and wait. Don't forget, the website is FREE.

Note: Here are the 16 Main Selling Points for - Taken from my "Tell Your Friends" Option in the Top Banner

So you don't have to read my 16 selling points at other places, I'm putting them below, as well. This is additional information you should know about

I have spent more than 40 years in the practice of law and have developed this new website, (meaning "Attorney Database"), to create a more meaningful market for individuals and companies looking for an attorney, and attorneys looking for new clients. My Attorney Database Website - Here are 16 reasons why can create this more meaningful market for attorneys and clients:

  1. Clients can find local lawyers willing to do a specialized task (such as comply with lobbying laws, set up a tax-exempt corporation, draft a complaint, appear in a specific court, challenge a rule or statute as unconstitutional, change an individual's name, sue for violation of constitutional rights, advise on potential inheritance, advise on investment loss recovery, vacate a default judgment, file for a trademark, copyright or patent, try to stop a foreclosure action)

  2. The website enables individual lawyers to make known a large number of tasks and fields of law for which the attorney seeks clients, with the attorney providing an optional "landing page" URL to the attorney's own website to provide substantially more information relating to the few keywords in the ad found by the prospective client

  3. The ZIP-radius search enables clients or lawyers to search for a lawyer within a specified number of miles (up to 50) from a specified ZIP code, thereby eliminating the listings of a vast majority of the lawyers who are too distant to be of any help (in certain types of matters)

  4. The website will help lawyers and others find lawyers anywhere in the country if the location of the lawyer is less important than the skill involved

  5. The whole list of Field/Task records for a specific attorney is available through one of the search options, so prospective clients and other attorneys can see the different fields/tasks for which the listing attorneys is seeking clients)

  6. The website enables a client to look for a lawyer with a skill or interest in obtaining a specific type of matter, which is difficult to do when lawyers generally indicate the broad field they are in and do not generally try to list the different types of legal tasks they would be willing to handle

  7. The website is FREE for attorneys and for clients

  8. The lawyer does not have to continually restore his/her ads after several weeks (as they have to do when advertising in

  9. A lawyer can find other lawyers with whom to partner in matters

  10. Putting it another way, the website can be used by lawyers to create a virtual law firm, assembling the legal skills as they are needed

  11. A lawyer can use the database to refer matters to other attorneys (often for referral fees, making sure, at all times, that the professional rules for referral fees are fully complied with)

  12. A lawyer can expect to receive cases from other lawyers (with the same referral fee issue in some of the instances)

  13. A lawyer can use the website to find other lawyers having needed skills

  14. Because the website is 100% legal services, there is no need to waste space and time by having anything other than the "bare bones" of what tasks the lawyer is offering to do and the areas of law in which the lawyer is offering his/her services. This enables each Field/Task listing, generally, to be reduced to a word or short phrase, and each lawyer to have scores or even hundreds of specific-task listings

  15. The 101 categories used by the nationís federal district courts to analyze their cases are made available for lawyers admitted to federal court to state the type of cases they are willing to take on

  16. The use by listing attorneys of the Suggested Field/Task Database will make it easier for prospective clients to find an attorney, if the prospective client looks for appropriate key words and phrases from the Suggested Field/Task Database. Warning: Do not limit yourself to such pre-programmed terms. Attorneys are requested to put in other words and phrases (especially words and phrases probably to be used by prospective clients) to describe their fields/tasks.

Use of the websites is FREE. Attorneys (but not prospective clients) are required to permit the owner to send emails to the attorneys on a permissive ("opt in") mailing list, which the attorney can terminate at any time by withdrawing from website use.

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