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Website for Carl Person's Law Practice

I (Carl E. Person) have written more than 100 websites. I have organized them at

Out of all of these websites, only one is for my practice of law, See Website for My Law Practice -

If you want to see the variety of legal tasks I am interested in performing for clients, or the fields of law in which I am interested in obtaining clients, or additional clients, please go to my website for attorneys. See My Website for Attorneys -

I have already posted several hundred ads for my legal "tasks" and "fields", and expect to post hundreds more, each with a "landing page" to explain more about the work I can do and/or am willing to do, or have done, as to such task or field. For example, I may not ever have sued the C.E.O. of a major corporation for obtaining excess compensation, but I might have an ad saying "suits against C.E.O.'s for excessive compensation".

If you are interested in what I am interested in doing as a lawyer, you should look at my listings (or "ads") in my website See link above.

For the c.v. (resume) of Attorney Carl E. Person, click on Carl Person C.V.

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