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First Published: 1995; Last Revision: 4/29/02.

Introductory Note:

There is a wealth of law-related material available on the Internet and LawMall wants to point you to some of the more significant offerings by others.

  • For immediate location of antitrust websites and other antitrust sources, you should go to FindLaw: Antitrust and Trade Regulation WWW Sites and Other Internet Resources, FindLaw-Antitrust A nice review for RPAmall (tm) will be found among other antitrust website listings.

  • Anyone interested in antitrust must drop in to Charles Mueller's Antitrust Law and Economics Review Website, Antitrust Law & Economics Review, and while there make sure you see Mueller's Dirty Dozen U.S. Supreme Court cases which have caused the near death of antitrust law in this country, at Anti-Monopoly Game/Litigation Website.

  • A useful site is The Seamless Website - Lawyers, Legal Associations, and Legal Resources, at Seamless Website.

  • A law school website is John Marshall Law School Web Site.

  • Gopher Jewels Web Page of Univ. of So. Calif. University of Southern California go to Gopher Jewels, a list of gophers with subject trees, which contains a subject-oriented outline of the subject of law, compiled from Internet resources; Worlds of Sunsite-by Subject contains information about the Supreme Court.

  • Patent and Trademark Office Records from Private Source - Internet Patent News Service, 500 MB of records and patent information beginning with patent no. 3500000 and ending 12/93. Click on Internet Patent News Service.

  • IBM Patent Database is newer. Click on IBM Patent Database.

  • Also, law related lists are found at Cornell Legal List and at Chicago U Legal List.

  • Library of Congress Web Page Library of Congress, which includes references to copyright filings and forms and the Library of Congress online catalog (LOCIS) and Congress, among other items worth exploring.

  • Congressional Web Pages U.S. Senate Web Page and U.S. House Web Page provide committee information, personnel directories and other information for both houses of Congress.

  • List of Federal Agencies with Hypertext Links Federal Agency Directory, an extensive listing with hypertext links to the Executive, Judicial, Legislative and Administrative branches of the U.S. government. You can use this link to obtain the e-mail address of many U.S. Senators and Representatives, if you want to e-mail some comments to them. President Clinton's e-mail address is and Vice President Gore's e-mail address is

  • Federal government agency bulletin boards, more than 120, accessible by web and/or FTP, for obtaining information and documents of all types. FedWorld-Web or FedWorld-FTP.

  • Computerized Files of the Government Printing Office are now online. Telnet to and register as a "guest", choosing "Government Center". Expect delays due to heavy traffic.

  • Book How to Access the Government's Electronic Bulletin Boards, by Bruce Maxwell, published by Congressional Quarterly Books (300+ pp., paperback, $19.95), bookstores or order from publisher by tel. 1-800-638-1710 or by fax 202-887-6706.

  • Self-help books and software of Nolo Press - Self-Help Law Center, on consumer law subjects and for small business Nolo Press.

  • For an interesting multi-area web site by a Milwaukee law firm, Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren, Norris & Rieselbach (with branch offices in Madison, Denver and D.C.), click on Business and the Law.

  • To pay a visit to Jeff Kuester's Technology Law Resource website, click on KuesterLaw - Technology Law Resource.

  • National Federal of Paralegal Associations, which provides a list of some of its 17,000 paralegal members, and a list of the 17 local paralegal associations (scheduled to open in 1995). Obtain information for now by sending e-mail request to

  • Online Decisions of U.S. Federal Courts

    A variety of online information services are being provided by federal courts, at all levels, including the Courts of Appeals, District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts. There is no uniformity of services, however, except that interested persons may register (free) at one time for all services and be eligible to use any of the offered services, for a fee of $1 per minute, usually. See Directory of Public Access Services - Electronic Public Access to Automated Information in the United States Federal Courts - December 1, 1994 (updated monthly) by clicking on Federal Courts-Pacer.

    It should be noted that the U.S. Supreme Court is not part of this federal-court public access system, at least at the present. The federal court's new centralized registration and billing service is located in San Antonio, Texas, tel: 800-214-0847; Public Access Project Director is J. Michael Greenwood, Technology Enhancement Office, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Washington, D.C. 20544, tel: 202-273-2748 or -2730, and Mr. Greenwood advises me that a federal-court public access web page was scheduled to go online in 1995.

  • Project Hermes of the U.S. Supreme Court has made its decisions available on Internet since 1990. FTP to Case Western Reserve University at

  • Alphabetized Collection of Federal Publications

  • Another useful web offering in this area is an alphabetized collection of federal publications, including the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations*, Federal Register*, Commerce Business Daily*, U.S. Federal Budget for 1995 and the U.S. Government Manual Federal Publications with some entries (marked with an *) pointing to Counterpoint's internet site.

  • To go to other miscellanous web sites, click on Bankruptcy.

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