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Here is a link to means “my classified ads” and is your opportunity to offer to sell (or offer to buy) any type of goods, services, ideas, employment, contacts, meetings, education, or anything else you can think of in a single marketplace – to the extent permitted by law and decency.

But the main focus and raison d'etre (or reason for being) is the focus on YOU, to encourage and enable you to re-define yourself by tens, or even hundreds of FREE classified ads, to offer to the world whatever tasks or jobs you want to do, or would like to do, to enable you to find a market for your services, generally as a self-employed independent contractor.

Here is a great opportunity to redefine yourself economically. This market is envisioned to be at a rate per hour much higher than what is being paid today for many full-time or part-time jobs in the United States because of globalization and outsourcing.

The other side of the market is equally important, but a little more sophisticated. Many of us, whether businesspersons, professionals, students, teachers, government officials, homemakers, builders, garage mechanics or other, create a list of things that have to be done and update that list daily, hourly or at some other interval.

Much of the time we select some easy-to-do items on the list and do them, and feel good that we have made some headway in removing some items from our list. But other items remain there for days, weeks, months or even years, and it is these items for which was created. The reason that many items linger on a list too long is that they are more difficult for me to accomplish; and I put off doing the item because I know that the work will be longer and more difficult than many of the other items on the list. But if I could find someone who can do that item for me, I would gladly pay top dollar to get the job done right away.

How can I find someone who can do the specific task I have in mind? The answer is that I should look to see if anyone is advertising that task in and, if not, I should place a FREE task wanted classified ad to try to find one or more persons who are willing and able to do the task that I need to have done.

The above description was written by me, Carl Person, creator of the website and its system for allowing millions of Americans to remake themselves financially.

Get a jump on your future and put to work for you right away. Note: the website is new and needs "tweaking", especially with the minute or so that it now takes to load, presumably caused by my valuable ZIP Code 50-mile radius search feature. I'm trying to fix this slow-loading problem, but don't let the problem deter you from REMAKING YOURSELF FINANCIALLY!

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