Consultation on Antitrust Issues by Carl E. Person, 40+ Years' Experience in Antitrust Law

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Purpose of Website: Availability of attorney Carl E. Person to discuss antitrust and related business problems with businesses and businesspersons. For information about attorney Person, see his c.v. (resume) Carl Person C.V. Mr. Person may be reached at his New York office, 212-307-4444. Also, you may write to Mr. Person, as follows:

Carl E. Person
325 W. 45th St. - Suite 201
New York NY 10036-3803

Telephone Discussion

Many antitrust problems can be handled with a simple telephone conversation, to have the caller (after creating an attorney-client relationship) outline his/her problem, after which Mr. Person will discuss the problem and give his insights into the problem and any possible courses of action to help the client resolve the problem.

The telephone conversation for any one of many specific problems can take place within 1-2 hours, and can be of substntial value to a client to have a specified problem analyzed and discussed by an antitrust attorney.

Fee Arrangement

Mr. Person's fee for discussing the client's problem is $200/hour, prorated for 1/10th hour increments.

Mr. Person does not obligate himself to undertake any litigation for the client. Any representation in litigation for the client requires a formal fee agreement with the client.

Clients for Mr. Person's legal advice for a specific antitrust problem are not committing themselves as to any other services offered by Mr. Person.

The purpose is to provide a quick, inexpensive, informal way for clients to obtain a look at perceived problems (a) as early as possible, (b) for a second opinion, and (c) with a different background and viewpoint from any current advisors.

If you are interested in speaking with Mr. Person about a perceived antitrust problem, or in talking with him about that possibility, please give him a call at 212-307-4444. There will be no charge unless and until Mr. Person and the client agree that times charges are to commence.

To give you an indication of the various areas in which Mr. Person has had experience, you can look at various website topics listed at The Home Page to Mr. Person's Revised LawMall Website.

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  2. The Most Complete Offering of Robinson-Patman Act (RPA), Price and Service Discrimination, Major Retailer (including Superstore, Big Box and Category Killer Retailer) Information on the Internet. Price Discrimination and the Robinson-Patman Act for Small Businesses

  3. Robinson-Patman Act, a Website for Indirect Purchasers, for Whom the RPA Provides Far Less Protection against the Below-Cost Purchasing by the Nation's Major Retailers Such as Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, AutoZone, Home Depot The RPA for Indirect Purchasers - Generally Independent Retailers and Jobbers, and Some Independent Wholesalers or WD's [Warehouse Distributors]

  4. The ever-increasing concentration in book publishing and distribution, and the corresponding loss of the nation's right to freedom of speech Price Discrimination Problems in the Book Industry Putting Independent Booksellers Out of Business .

  5. How the nation's superstore chains, including "category killer" superstores, are deliberately, systematically and unlawfully putting small American businesses out of business, and what the injured businesses and communities can do about this Small Business Website

  6. Prosecutorial prosecutorial misconduct [or abuse]; the liability of prosecutors for their misconduct; and how to fight specific instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the United States Prosecutorial Misconduct and Abuse Website and see JFK Papers and Ensuing Litigation against Small Businessperson, Damages Lawsuits by Injured Small Businesses .

  7. [Note: a non-working link - must find file and restore "hardball"] How litigation (together with deliberate understaffing of our nation's court systems) has become a major tool of the monopolists to protect and expand their monopolies and threaten to destroy the nation's economic, social and political system Hardball Litigation Website .

  8. Why small businesses need to eliminate all or most of their employees and remodel themselves along the lines of a broker or middleperson into "virtual" businesses to eliminate burdensome tax, labor and other laws The Virtual Business .

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