Issues and Answers under the Sherman Antitrust Act

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Issues and Answers under the Sherman Antitrust Act. 1st Time Visitors-How to Use this website

Specific Issues under the Sherman Act:

  1. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Whether Manufacturer's Termination of Distributor for Resales below Manufacturer-Set Retail Price and Subsequent Prohibition of Sales by Other Distributors to the Terminated Distributor Are Price-Fixing and Boycott Violations of the Sherman Act Price-Fixing and Group Boycott by Manufacturer
  2. Many Companies Injured by Price-Fixing, Boycotts, Monopolization and Price/Service Discrimination Are Heading for Insolvency and/or Bankruptcy. Should Such a Company Consider Filing an Antitrust Suit for Monetary Damages?Should a Failing Business Heading for Bankruptcy File an Antitrust Action - the Pro's and Con's

RPAMall Articles Relevant to Sherman Act:

The choices below will take you to RPAMall articles which are relevant to the Sherman Act. Since such articles were written with the RPA in mind, you should read them with the understanding that the RPA is only one of various antitrust statutes, and the problems relating to RPA antitrust litigation are often quite similar to the problems in other antitrust litigation, especially Sherman Act litigation. In many instances, the action will allege violations of the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, and RPA.

  1. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! - How to Put Together a Small Group of Injured Persons to Start a Single Action under the Sherman against a company violating the Sherman Act
  2. When Do Defendants Settle Sherman Act Cases, If At All?
  3. Suggestions Wanted for New Topics for the Sherman.Act Mall - DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?
  4. Sherman Act and Related Federal Statutes
  5. Estimating Your Damages and Recovery in an Antitrust Suit
  6. Damages Rule of Thumb: 9,000 X 1 Day's Loss of Profits;
  7. Who Can Sue as Injured Persons for Violation of the Antitrust Laws - Individuals, Corporations, Towns and Other Governmental Bodies
  8. Antitrust: the Civil Rights Law for Small Business
  9. Estimated Expenses of a Sherman Act Lawsuit
  10. Litigation Stages and Estimated Length of Sherman Act Lawsuit
  11. Costs Taxed against Losing Party under 28 U.S.C. Section 1920 - Costs Not Taxable to the Extent Losing Party Cannot Afford to Pay Them
  12. The Shils Report, a 250-Page Report and Survey Proving that Big Box / Superstores Are Injuring Towns and Small Businesses in America through Price Discrimination and Other Predatory Practices
  13. Pro's and Con's in Deciding Whether or Not to Sue
  14. Checklist of Antitrust Claims
  15. Websites of Interest to Sherman Act and RPA Plaintiffs
  16. Selecting an Attorney to Start a Sherman Act or RPA Lawsuit
  17. Virtual Law Firms in Sherman Act Field
  18. Instructions to New Sherman Act Plaintiffs
  19. Many Trade Associations Are Indifferent or Adverse
  20. Resume of Antitrust Attorney Carl Person
  21. E-Mail/Fax/Telephone Inquiries to Attorney Carl Person
  22. Public Offering and Sale of Shares in Your Sherman Act Lawsuit
  23. Federal Court Docket Sheet in Sherman Act Action
  24. Discovery in a Sherman Act Action
  25. If the Antitrust Attorney and Client Live in Different States
  26. Available Services for Antitrust Plaintiffs or Attorneys
  27. Assistance Offered to Antitrust Plaintiffs' Attorneys
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  29. Sherman.Act Website Response Form

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